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Date: Mon, Jun 21, 2010   
Subject: With Love – The Queen is Asked to Step Down – Surrounded by Evil, She May Save Earth

This is a very important video, beyond the historical recording.
This film is of the delivery via the post office. Yet it is the natural words, communication Janelle and Brian have with the Queen’s notary outside on the street that make this especially profound…
 I’ve been viewing videos for information, and finding sincerity.
There has been no sign of evil.
  And –
We will not find love in a book of religious doctrine.
Love is not taught –
    it is within us all, an experience that is felt, expressed in and from the heart  

Listen to the genuine exchange of words –

“history in the making”

June 01, 2010
Notary witnessing letter to the Queen from Yahweh

YouTube Preview Image

— On June 1st at 1:44 PM the Queens Notary witnessed and sealed with his Notary Seal, the registered documents we sent to Queen Elizabeth. I understand that the Queen was born into a difficult position being the Constitutional monarch, surrounded by an evil presence she could not as a mother could have comprehended as a young woman when she was anointed 'Christ' custodian of the throne of David on June 2nd 1953. She as a mother, is concerned for the same evil that has devoured her family, therefore I offered her forgiveness for herself and family on the basis she abdicate the throne to me Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Yahweh in the flesh.

This video Janelle talks to the Queen after they made the postal delivery –

Letter to Queen Elizabeth

YouTube Preview Image

Considering the Queen was anointed Christ custodian, surrounded by evil, she has had to obey these demons for to go against them would have resulted in her own families death.
I have offered her forgiveness for herself and her family regardless of their willingness to repent, as they are in the control of Lucifer.
Her acceptance of my offer to protect her children and extended family is in effect regardless of their own choices, to enable her to escape the trap her situation has placed her into, opening a path for her to outsmart her captors allowing her the opportunity do what she must and do what her father advised her to do, hand over the throne to Christ. She therefore has the option of free will and a way she can escape the clutches of the demonized around her, and free her children from sin as simply put 'forgive them father for they know not what they do.

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