Barry Soetoro – General McChrystal – Who Has Standing? – Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall – War is Being Waged On America

Robert Hender  " R J "


   On the radio this morning I had the chance to ask questions of Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall.

   I learn from everybody that I get to pose questions to.  I don't always agree with the opinions of other people, but on the Radio I have been asking questions for over 19yrs.  I learn from people that I agree with and I learn from people that I disagree with.

   On this Video Clip Janelle makes some remarks which may not be exactly right.  It's okay, I am not going to slap her for being wrong. 

   Why do we slap each other for our disagreements? 

   It's pretty lousy how Patriots are assaulting other Patriots over our disagreements. 

   Many of us claim to be Believers in Jesus and yet too many of us continue to speak badly of one another and we get angry some times over the dumbest things. 

   Don't you know that we ought to be standing by one another? 

   Even the people that we disagree with, they are entitled to their own opinion.  We aren't injured in any way because somebody sees some things in a different way than we see things. 

   Every one of us have some truth anchored into the bedrock of our souls.

   Brian L G Marshall says that he is award of a deep seeded Satanic Worship agenda behind the World Banksters who are controlling and manipulating every country and every government.  The explosion at the BP Deep Water Horizon site was done by design and on purpose as an assault against the Bible Belt of America. 

   That is interesting, why wasn't California attacked? 

   The 13 Families who feel it is their Right to Rule the world participate in Ceremonies that Celebrate Lucifer.  From other sources I have heard reports that there are meetings with " L " where instructions are given and plans are then implemented. 

   The explosion at the BP platform in the Gulf of Mexico is evidence of the battle that is now raging between Satanists and Believers in Jesus on the earth. 

   Will the earth ever recover? 

   These Satanic thugs proceed with 3 of their objectives daily, to Lie and to Steal and to Kill. 

   The Press lies to us every day.  Many C I A and C F R and Skull & Bones and Bilderberg people are planted as News Anchors and Reporters in the Main News that Americans belly up to daily for our feedings. 

   Brian Marshall continued to ask this morning, " Why don't Americans see this attack in the Gulf as an Act of War? " 

   War is being waged upon America, from many directions.

   According to these Satanic, Warmongers they celebrate their Holidays with bloodshed and power and assaults.  On the 23rd of June we were all at risk for a potential Nuclear Strike upon 5 major Cities around the world; Toronto, Israel, London, Mexico City and New York.  If or when these weapons are detonated the purpose would be to blame Iran for the bombings.

   Monsanto has ben assaulting nations and farmlands for many decades. 

   FEMA has prepared over 600 detention camps across America.

   U N equipment has been building up in Florida and according to some reports National Guard trops are already in place waiting to force people out of their homes in the Gulf area. 

  Just like a good boxing match between Joe Frazier and Ali, America has been taking strikes to the jaw again and again and again.  America is against the ropes.  H A A R P technology is in place and could be used to cause more storms in the Gulf area and it is now hurricane season. 

   On the seabed in the Gulf of Mexico the ground is swelling and swelling like a balloon by natural gas and if it were to explode then damage could be done to the Gulf area and to the surrounding areas that may never be repaired. 

  Why isn't the press telling the public of the radioactive uranium and thorium that is being released into the sea and into the atmosphere with this BP oil in the Gulf? 

   Google FEMA Coffins and see what you get. 

   These Global Banksters have been working to ignite World War 3 by sucking us into a fight with Iran and Israel.

   According to Brian L G Marshall a nickname has been given to President Obama by the Skull and Bones people, Undertaker.  I have no idea if Obama was ever a Bonesman.  I didn't ask Brian that question.

   These Satanic Rothschilds – Kissinger – Rockefeller people have been inbreeding with one another in order to maintain and perpetuate their dominion and profits.  As they perform their worship events often Demons take over them and direct them in their personal decisions and their public activities. 

   Why would anyone attack the BP platform? 

   Why are they hiding the over 100,000 barrels of oil that is leaking into the Gulf Ocean area?

   Why aren't they stopping the movement of the oil as it continues to damage the beaches of the Gulf region? 

   Why aren't we being informed about the toxic chemicals and the lethal gas that is escaping into the air and up to the clouds in the Gulf of Mexico?  Toxic rains are already falling on to many communities in the states that surround the BP Gulf site.

   Each one of these challenges is an assault upon America and upon the earth. 

   Will America ever recover? 

   Will the earth ever recover? 

   I can stand to hear from somebody who has insights into these things, even if he has a few opinions that may differ from my own views.  We may differ in the color of our skin or by where we choose to worship or by the work we get to perform, but we need to come together for the good of our country and for the good of the earth, right now. 

   Was the BP explosion in the Gulf an accident?  Were the explosion and now the neglect in the Gulf acts of war? 

   Today President Obama, who does not have the right to stand as the Commander and Chief accepted the resignation from a General who does have standing, General Stanley McCrystal.


Date: Wed, Jun 23, 2010   
Subject: Some comments by Jenelle on the Radio Interview with Brian L G Marshall and R J


MichelleNye's webcam video June 23, 2010, 07:39 AM


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