Top 50 Needs in America – Liberty – Why Don’t They Get It? – We The People Must Engage

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Date: Tue, Jun 22, 2010   
Subject: …then they came for me…

I was pondering. . . What do these social institutions have in common: government, religion, education, health, politics, media and occupation/corporations.

They avoid acknowledging serious issues that are killing our world.  They are not informing us, so we the people, with expectations, might demand the problems be addressed.  Operating within the structure of this institutional construct, with these systems controlling, rather than truthfully informing and empowering, we definitely are not on a healthy path for our planet.  Have the masses stopped partaking in life,  allowing the collective “system” to control the world?  How are we going to win this battle of evil that is beyond the scope of these deceptive institutions?  

Then they came for me–
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

I’ve listed some of the issues needing dire attention.  Although the list is seemingly long, it is just the tip of the iceberg…I could have shortened the list and written the word “Everything” but you’d not be able to connect the dots.

—  What is the USA Corp?
—  What is operating within the land area we call Washington D.C.?
—  How come the Federal Reserve is a private company printing “Notes” out of thin air ?
—  How does our signature for a loan, create debt while producing those FRNs?
—  What is our strawman, created with the birth certificate – the end of you, the beginning of a corporation, your name?
    —  the signature line on your check is not a line but says “authorized signature”
    —  credit cards are a part of this system.
— Allodial titles to land/home disappeared – now we’re tenants paying taxes, allowing us to stay on the land.
    — Take a look at your land deed, a tenant are we.
— Your car is not yours, that’s why “they” can “total” it – the title is a “Certificate of Title” –
    — Good luck acquiring the title – though it is possible. – You must know who you are.
— Why does the Queen own most of the land in the world?
— A “republic” created by our founding fathers is nonexistent.  Politically we are declared a Democracy, yet we are not even operating as such.
— What are you told about the International Monetary Fund ( IMF) – the World Bank?
— Do you know of the  Bilderberg Group, CFR, the Trilateral Commission,
    secret groups with non elected persons dictating how our country and the world operates?
    The new world order isn’t coming it is here.
— There are cures for cancer, AIDs, etc – and who is creating these diseases and allowing famine?
— Who’s telling you about depopulation – we are purposely blasted with toxins –
   – chemtrails by air, not to be confused with contrails that disappear.
   – prescriptions dispensed by the unknowing medical puppets.
   – by injections – tainted vaccines
   – Genetically modified foods as well as toxic additives  – naming a few
     – aspartame, sucralose,(not sucrose – those devils), soy, corn syrup
     – Fluoridated tainted water – a discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories (see water report)
     – aluminum, various coated cookware, plastics- items we use on our body – deodorants etc. -aluminum and other toxins.  Do you know what “new home” syndrome is?
— Toxic dispersants used in Gulf/volcano mess are chemicals banned in other countries.
— 911 has not been properly addressed – the real criminals are not in jail and never been sought.
— How is it possible we continue to lose personal rights?
— Do you know what a False Flag Operation is? How about a Black Op?
— War is big business and does a good job in reducing population.
— Satanic Rituals, kidnapping, sexual abuse is common place by well known people/politicians
— Why do you think the Porn industry is extremely successful?
— The entertainment complex has replaced education dollars spent wisely.  Programming anyone?
— Do you really believe the  “war on drugs” is all that?  Can you say opposite day?
— Plants are healthy and heal – say hello to Henry Ford’s hemp car –
YouTube Preview Image
   — before gasoline cars ran on cleaner fuel, alcohol, people could make their own    
— What do you know about HAARP – ionosphere manipulation – manmade weather
     —  Extra Low Frequency – ELF microwaves electronically threatening  and harassing people.
—  Free technologies have been kept from us  (see Tesla not Einstein)
     — people trying to bring free energy to society have been either threatened, bought off or murdered.
—  Why do employers continue to partake in the voluntary system known as the IRS?
    — why did personnel departments change to human resources?
—  When did peace officers turn into policemen of the state?
—  Before driver’s licenses, we had the freedom to drive without them,
    — it is a right and now made a privilege you must pay to drive or you will be thrown in Jail.
—  Why is the USA, the country with the most people in Jail?  Big Business – Bonds anyone?
—  Why are graduation caps called mortarboards – masons anyone?
—  Why do we volunteer for their agenda of enslavement, be it – war, taxes, the run for____, etc.,
     in perpetuating the biggest frauds known to humankind?  . . .

When the government fears the people, there is liberty. 
 When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

                                         Thomas Jefferson

Who is asking the tough questions of the government, places of worship,
schools, politicians, physicians, employers and the media?
Which institution can we faithfully trust?
Who is ringing the alarm bell?
Can they all be found guilty of partaking in most extensive deception our world has ever experienced?
Is our silence acquiescence?  . . .
And finally, who or what is the driving force behind the scheming madness here on earth?






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