Barry Soetoro – N W O – Economic Collapse – The Deck Is Stacked – Morning Rant

Date: Thu, Jun 24, 2010    
Subject: N W O deck is stacked against us.  Angry and Not Going To Take it Any More 

My morning rant –

If you've received this, it is because you do know what is going on with our world.  I am not a writer, but I gave it my best shot.  And, with a bit of humor, I've used some words not commonly expressed, unless one is pretty darned mad. I don't normally swear during everyday conversation, but hopefully I've properly placed my choice words.

"The Deck is Stacked Against You, if You Don't Know Wicked"

This morning I got pissed off once again hearing that infamous statement, you'll know it when you read it.  I heard it last night too, from a remedy phone call in program.  Today it was stated on a radio program addressing issues, discussing what is wrong – the gulf oil mess and so on, just take your pick, which issue "is" right with the world…  So meanwhile, mowing the lawn, doing yard work in general, my mind couldn't wait to burst.

I get tired of hearing these words over and over and over… That infamous message stated in various ways by many in the patriot movement, those individuals that understand the overall bunk within the so- called-government but are majorly missing an important piece of the puzzle. The repeated words from persons thinking they know it all or have seen it all, cause they have the answer, and it is found in one book.  These people "get it" for the most part concerning rights verses privileges, but they continuously state, concerning TPTB that pulled "one" over on us… "boy,
they were smart" or "ya gotta hand it to them, they really are intelligent the way they deceived us all."  What is this bullshit?

Anyone can "appear" intelligent (that evil's magic) when the deck of cards is unknowingly stacked.  Deception is not intelligent, it is wicked.  And, if we continue allowing the evil doers all of the cards, if you will, and if we are not looking for dishonestly, then wicked will win, over and over and over.  And, that is the quandary, the majority don¹t know it is stacked against we the people of the world because they aren't looking for the problems.  "They" are holding the cards, always a step ahead and it is and has been laid out before us but, "good" people just have a tough time accepting anyone would want to hurt them, yet it is so apparent everyday from our government, the world around us, every freaking institution. People are stuck, cause they feel someone or something is going to fix everything, and that the one and only almighty book is the answer, if only they read it even more seeking personal safety, security and eternity?…

So, let me get this straight, everything else is fucked up but religion isn't?

I got a clue for you people… Hello?!  There are many amazing books and none of them solely have the truth. Do ya think the "wicked" would provide the historical facts, all of the truth in one book and yours is it? Noooooo!  Let me say that again – no fucking way!  They gave a different "version" to many groups, trying to appease all walks of life and knew you'd all knock yourselves out killing one another in figuring out which book was "the one" with the truth.  The masses ate it up as if they all discovered the answer.  Are ya still feeling they were so smart or maybe sensing you've
been more than deceived? – more like we're all fucking screwed till everyone gets their heads out of their magical books, and maybe outa their asses too.

We need to get on the same side.  There is only one side and that is against wickedness.  There is a creator and you won't find the answer in one book. As co-creators, we are the answer to every problem.  Again, solutions wont
arrive from the system, all institutions have betrayed us, and yes, if you haven't figured it out by now, that includes religion. Yup, yours is included!  We are as one and need to start acting like it, like never before if we are going to rise above it all.  We must get our nose out of the books seeking answers via verses, feeling love instead of reading for it and spreading love when working against corruption in every damned corner on this planet, that is, if we are going to beat the shit out of it…

I am not done yet.
What, you don't hear trumpets?
Give me a minute while I wet my lips and grab my fucking horn.

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