Restore America Plan – Tim Turner Message – Restore the World Plan – Funding is Coming In

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Guardian Elder Tim Turner clip –  below

   Today Guardian Elder Tim Turner took time out from his busy schedule to share a few details on the Progress that the Restore America Plan is making.  Val Kirkgaard from Waking Up in America played a pre-recorded interview with Tim.

   On purpose the Media is ignoring the Restore America Plan.  This is a part of how these News Organizations operate.  Most of the time they deliver what they want us to know.

   It seems that it has become a Sport to throw Tim Turner or Sam Davis or Tom Schults or Regan Reddy under the bus. 

   Much has gone on, behind the backs of Americans, to steal our liberty and property in America.  Foreign Corporations have been creeping in to our institutions of banking and education and government.  Americans have been asleep for too long.  Lawyers decided a long time ago that a person can be defined as a Corporation.  These Corporations have been posing as a legitimate government, for too long.  Their Fraud and Theft Must End.   

   A plumber needs the right tools in order to perform his job. 

   An electrician needs the correct tools in order to do his job. 

   Our birth certificates have been monetized and are now traded around the world, as Property.  Our driver's licenses have been monetized and traded and our mortgages and marriage licenses and our supposed traffic violation agreements.  Our social security number has also been monetized and has been traded for the profit of the Banksters.  Many $Millions and $Billions and $Trillions in revenue have been acquired by the Global Banksters through these adhesion agreements.  These DTC accounts are like unclaimed money, if you know how to access these funds. 

   It appears that a handful of men hve been prepared by The Creator in order to do the specific tasks that are required in order to return our Liberty and our Property. 

   The world has not ended. 

   Our future does rest in our own hands and in God's hands. 

   Life is God's gift to us.  What we do with our lives is our Gift to God.  Do you recall the quote of JFK?  Ask not what America can do for you, but ask what you can do for America. 

   Our country needs you now, fully engaged. 

   At  you can examine our Re-Declaration and you can learn how to participate in restoring our Republic. 

   Corporations are not the true Government for America. 

   Currently there are more than 69 countries who recognize the 50 De Jure Grand Juries as the Legitimate Government in America. 

   Did you know that a few weeks ago the Supreme Court decided that it is time to return to the Common Law in America?  Only days ago a court in California determined that a driver's license is no longer required there, unless you may be driving commercially. 

   The Queen of England and her treasury have been notified that they will be held responsible for the costs of the damage to the Gulf of Mexico oceans and the beaches and all of the damage to and loss of life there.  

   So far we are not aware of any connection with the Restore America Plan and the resignation of General McCrystal. 

   More than 40 years ago God the Creator began notifying some people, those who were listening any way, that some day 1 man would be raised up in the future who would work to restore the Republic in Amererica and that he would work to restore Rights for Humanity in many countries. 

   When the authors of The Restore America Plan began they had no idea how many ramifications there may be to the Plan.  The work of the Elders and Guardians of the R A P will bless America and many other countries. 

   Several people and nations have promised these funds to help Restore America.  They have been stashing the funding aside for this work and these funds are about to be released.  God is behind the Restore America Plan.  More than 300 principals have made promises to this R A P effort and Tim Turner says that he has been selected as the Trustee.  More than $18Trillion has been promised to fund and support our Restore the Republic efforts. 

   Organizing the logistics have been a challege, but we are right on schedule. 

   As quickly as it is possible Tim Turner says he will be releasing more of the details of our progress for every objective of the R A P, including stopping the foreclosure mess in America. 

   America needs your prayers. 

   Our Restore America Plan needs volunteers. 

   Please, pray for the existing volunteers of the Restore America Plan.  Many of us are risking everything in order to work and bring about the restoration of our Republics again. 

Tim Turner  

Date: Wed, Jun 23, 2010   
Subject: Restore America Plan – Great News from Guardian Elder Tim Turner





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20 Responses to “Restore America Plan – Tim Turner Message – Restore the World Plan – Funding is Coming In”

  1. Nora Jones says:

    Could you supply some details so we could verify this court case and see the determination for ourselves, please?

  2. [timothy] says:

    Who, and where, is the executor which appointed Tim, trustee?

    • RJ says:

      Your question is a good one.

      Every piece of news that comes my way, I have been doing my best to release reports as they come.

      Much more is going on behind the scenes than we are aware of.

      We shall see, what comes next.

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