Barry Soetoro – Gulf Gas Americans Can’t Breathe In

Cliff High – Jeff Rense

June 24th, 2010

   Obama and His Global Bankster buddies are aware that 1.28 billion people will die from the Disaster in the Gulf.   They have decided that if they tell you the truth of the toxic air that exists now in the Gulf and the Evacuation that is gearing up that they would lose $money and so they remain silent.  Somewhere between 20 and 40 million people must leave the Gulf area or die from the lethal methane and other gases that are in the ocean and that are now in the air you breathe.  

   Everybody needs to listen to this Radio Broadcast with Jeff Rense and Cliff High

People can read everywhere, the alarms are being sounded concerning
the gulf and obviously the domino affect from what is going on there isn’t good!  
Listening to this audio, you will get the idea, it has hit the fan, and doom is ramping up!


It can’t be any clearer, this is serious!!!!

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