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Subject: Webbots 2010 predictions Web Bot Project, refers to an Internet bot software program…

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Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table
The Food and Drug Administration is seriously considering whether to approve the first genetically engineered animal that people would eat — salmon that can grow at twice the normal rate.

Columbia University: Body Scanners Increase Risk Of Skin Cancer
Airport body scanners could lead to an increase in skin cancers according to scientists at Columbia University, who warn that the dose emitted by the naked x-ray devices could be up to 20 times higher than originally estimated, in another clear example of how the scanners are completely illegal, dangerous to public health, and need to be removed immediately.

Kucinich: ‘We are losing our nation to lies about the necessity of war’


Woman Denied DL Over Missing Marriage License

June 28, 2010–MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. — Merlie Crockett is 85 years old, she's sharp and she loves to drive.
But the state of Florida won't renew her driver's license. Not because of her age, but because Crockett has been married four times. "She said you have to have your marriage license for each time you've been married and I can't help that they died," explained Crockett.
She can't find the marriage license from her second marriage in Maryland. She was 21 years old and the year was 1944.

Whites Now Only 40% Of California Pop

Bill Clinton: 'We May Have to Blow Up the Well' — Little noticed comments from former President Bill Clinton over the weekend which he made in South Africa are perhaps — well — a bit explosive.


CATEGORY 5 ALERT! Katrina Planned FEMA Planning Forced Evacuations — It has been reported that our well-oiled government is planning mass evacuations of Gulf coast cities.


Kagan Declines To Say Gov’t Has No Power to Tell Americans What To Eat

Sen. Coburn pressed Kagan today on the limits of the government’s power under the commerce clause.

Kagan: Constitution Meant to be ‘Interpreted Over Time’


25 Signs That Almost Everyone Is Expecting An Economic Collapse In 2010

At times like these, it is hardly going out on a limb to say that we are headed for hard economic times. In fact, it seems like almost everyone in the financial world is either declaring that a

RFID implant opens doors for IT pro

By Ben Grubb, ZDNet Australia,

29 June, 2010 11:27NEWS –A 28-year-old Perth IT professional has become one of the few Australians to have a radio-frequency identification chip implanted in the hand.

How to Get Prepared as a Teenager,


UN Calls for Scraping Dollar

Webbots predictions:
Web Bot
, or the Web Bot Project, refers to an

Internet bot software program that is claimed to be able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the Internet. It was created in 1997, originally to predict stock market trends.[1] The creator of the Web Bot Project, Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, who call themselves "The Time Monks"[2], keep the technology and algorithms largely secret and sell the predictions via the website

Claimed hits

The Web Bot is claimed to have predicted several events prior to them occurring, most notably the September 11 attacks and the 2003 Northeastern United States blackout.

[4] However, many believe the predictions are vague and, at best, pseudoscientific.[5]


September 11 attacks

– In June 2001 Web Bot predicted that a catastrophic event would occur within the next 60–90 days.

[6] 2001 anthrax attacks


American Airlines Flight 587



Space Shuttle Columbia disaster

– In January of 2003 the web bots were going on and on about a "maritime disaster"



Northeast Blackout of 2003



2004 Indian Ocean earthquake[6][9]


Hurricane Katrina

and its devastation



Dick Cheney hunting incident[8]


BP oil spill[11]

Future predictions

July 8th, 2010 – The web bot predicts building of tension language, leading to the events of November 11th.
November 11th, 2010 – The web bot warns of a big tipping point possibly World War III
Major catastrophe in 2012 – The Web Bot has gained most of its notoriety for contributing to the 2012 phenomenon by predicting that a cataclysm will devastate the planet in the year 2012, possibly a reversing of Earth's magnetic poles or a small series of nuclear attacks leading up to a major attack during the year. The prediction does not necessarily call for a complete end of the world.[15][16][17][18]

The following come from the Web Bot Project Blogspot report on a radio interview with High and Ure:

No warfare between Israel and Iran, at least not until November.

Six very large earthquakes are yet to come during the rest of 2010.
A major tipping point will occur between November 8th – 11th, 2010, followed by a 2-3 month release period. This tipping point appears to be US-centric, and could be a dramatic world-changing event like 9-11 that will have rippling after-effects. The collapse of the dollar might occur in November.
From July 8th, 2010 onward, civil unrest will take place, possibly driven by food prices skyrocketing, and the devaluation of the dollar.
No exact information on the December 14th missile launch (beginning of World War III) has been confirmed, but the predictions show it may happen.

A second depression, triggered by mass layoffs, bankruptcies, and the popping of the "derivatives bubble," will see people moving out of cities.

After March 2011, the revolution wave will settle down into a period of reformation.

A "data gap" has been found between early 2012 running through May 2013. One explanation is that "our civilization gets knocked back to a pre-electronic state," such as brought about by devastating solar activity.
A new benign form of capitalism will emerge during 2017-2020. [19]

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