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Robert Hender  " R J "

   Careful Negotiations, is what I have heard about.  Leaders of the Restore America Plan are busy in negotiations.  What does that mean?  I recall the careful negotiations that we saw portrayed in the Movie " Brave Heart, " as the program began where all the clan leaders were gathered for such a negotiation meeting.  The King had the meeting place torched.

   In other negotiations the King offered a few Clan Leaders more lands and titles for their submittal. 

   Many Americans are languishing, as the clock continues to tick. 

   1 week flies by and another and another until now it's been months and months that have gone by and more Americans are losing their homes and more Americans are in jail as Political Prisoners. 

   These TPTB folks must realize that if we lose Mother Earth than we all lose.  If the whole financial ship crashes and burns then we all go down with the ship. 

   There are many ways where we can leave enough meat on the bone so that every one of us can have a bite. 

   Whitman is a sell out, in California.  She is just one of many examples of the people that we have come to trust and yet they are CFR people, Freemason connected and they have sold their fellow Americans down the drain. 

   Legacy Accounts are waiting for each American to benefit from. 

   When you diminish liberty for 1 man, you diminish liberty for us all. 

   When I stand up for your rights, I also stand up for my rights.  Our right to breathe, our right to travel, our right to choose a denomination, our right to buy and sell with one another, our right to build a home and raise a family without harassment; these rights belong to us all. 

   Death comes in all kinds of forms. 

   There are many walking dead among us, people who have given up, people who hate, people who don't trust any more.

   A gift is something that you give and then you don't expect anything back in return. 

   In America these Founding Fathers gave you and me a gift.  They did not give us every thing.  These men and women spent their lives laying a foundation that we could build on.  That foundation wasn't a perfect leg for us to stand on, but it was a beginning. 

   God's Gift to you and me is life.  What we do with our lives is our Gift back to God. 

   What will be said of us?  Today, we are standing upon their shoulders, with our feet standing on their spent blood, so that we may be free.  What foundation will our children stand upon?  What kind of world will be left for them?  What kind of world will I leave behind for your children and their children. 

   These Founding Fathers, offered us liberty, a Republic if we can keep it. 

   These unalienable rights belong to all mankind.  Every nation and every creed has a God Given right to breathe and to travel and to work and to worship. 

   We are in ned of Founding Fathers now.  No less today, are we in the need of Founding Fathers today.

   There is a time to lead and there is a time to follow. 

   Friendship is a gift. 

   Love is a gift. 

   Liberty is a gift. 

   Happiness is a Choice.  God is the True Sovereign.  He has given us Liberty, if we will exercise it. 

   It does not matter how we die.  It does matter How We Live. 

   What are you living for? 

   The following clips may offer you more answers. 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   7am – 9am  Central Time 

Angela – Talkshoe 
Monday, Jun 28, 2010    
Dallas Debt Discussion with Dave Mack  . 


 Talkshoe june 28 for Dave’s latest smiling program-

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