Restore America Plan – Founding Fathers – Kelby Smith & ” R J ” Live Radio clip

We need Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers now, in America.  War has been planned for Iran and Israel that would suck America in to a 3rd World War.  Who would win in such a Global Mess, the New World Order Gang?

Robert Hender  " R J "


   On the radio today I had the chance to visit with Kelby Smith.  Smith is the Coordinator for the Restore America Plan, in California and he is aware of some of the inside doings of the authors of the R A P. 

   Many people have considered Sam Kennedy of RBN as the author of the new Declaration to Restore and Reinhabit the Republics of America.  At least 27 men and women now stand in every Republic across the country.  That is more than 50 De Jure Grand Juries who are ready to remove corruption and put liberty back in America. 

   The Main Press stopped covering the activity of R A P many months ago.  The owners of the Main Press don't want their Global Control of every country and of all the currencies to melt away.  A World War between Iran and Israel is being set up by them.  The explosion and oil spill in the gulf may have been an act of retaliation against the Stand by these R A P Americans.  We are not victims any more of these World War Mongers.  Sam Kennedy announced the details of what Americans want for our country; we want the I R S to go away, we want the Federal Reserve to stop their crimes, we want foreclosures to stop, we want access to the Legacy DTC accounts which do exist for every American, we want Americans released from prisons – who didn't do any crime of injury to anything or anybody, we want the Constition to be followed by Government as a constraint to violations upon our liberties and we want a Lawful Money System for America.  

   Is this too much to ask? 

   Founding Fathers and Founding Mothes are needed now, more than ever. 

   What kind of country and world will we hand to our children. 

   Today and through this weekend Elders of the Restore America Plan are sequestered away for the whole weekend as they are in discussion with every level of Government and every aspect of the American Military.  More than $18Trillion has been offered to the R A P authors to fund the effort to Restore and Reinhabit America with Freedom and Liberty.  The meeting that is now going on, through this weekend may be as significant in it's scope as the meetings by the Founding Fathers held back in 1776.  Before 1850 America was a free nation. 

   A Ruling Cabal has been working to destroy America and to bring the whole world under subjegation. 

   These Thugs have been notified that they can no longer continue to do harm to our Liberties and to our Countries and our People, at any place over the world.  The Bilderberg,Illuminati,Bankster Cowards are aware that their days of ruling and war mongering are over. 

   Barry Soetoro aka President Obama is aware that he is no longer the Commander in Chief. 

   Jesus the Christ is the God of America.  For too long the Satanic, Muslim and anti-American scourge has been gaining ground in our schools and in our courts and in our banks and in our churches and in our souls.  Enough is enough already.

   Right here and right now we are drawing the line in the sand and proclaiming We Won't Take This Any More. 

   It is becoming more clear that the Queen, BP, Obama may be the cause behind this explosion and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  A New World Order agenda is being promulgated by this intentional act upon our oeceans.  Could their NWO design have included the forced removal of 40 million to 50 million people from the Gulf States?  Was this attack on the BP Oil Platform an act of war against America? 

   The Restore America Plan is a peaceful movement by Americans to turn this Titanic around, from the brink of destruction.

   Will it have been worth our effort? 

   What will history say about us?  Are the generation who lost Freedom in America?  Are we the generation who allowed the Earth to die?  Are the generation who stood down while liberty for America and freedom for men and women all over the world lost in this Great Battle? 

   It does not matter so much, how I die. 

   It does matter How We Live.  May God Bless America!  May Heaven Help Us as We Stand Up for People All Over the Earth.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   7am – 9am  Central Time  weekdays

Here is the Actual Audio of the 1 Hour Interview



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60 Responses to “Restore America Plan – Founding Fathers – Kelby Smith & ” R J ” Live Radio clip”

  1. Phil says:

    Police work for a corporations not the city village or municipalities. When a city incorporates itself this is an illegal and un-constitutional form of government. However these forms of corporations masquerading as government agencies will be dissolved by July 1st 2010. When cities and all form of government’s de-incorporate themselves police departments will be disbanded. The sheriff’s department’s deputy’s posses and the militias will take their place. Police departments are not constitutional within the fifty states or the United States of the Union. Police are only constitutional on federal government properties such as Washington DC military bases federal government buildings and the trusts territories of the United States of America such as Guam and US Virgin Islands. Hello police officers start updating your resumes and cover letters now and apply for employment and the sheriff’s departments. All forms of governments will be de- incorporating themselves this means no employment for police officers for cities. But be careful your old bad habits are not acceptable in the new sheriff’s departments. The militias will choose the sheriff and open and conceal and carry will be the law of the land.

  2. Mary Nell Boyce says:

    PRAISE THE LORD, HIS LOVE (WORD) ENDURES FOREVER!!!! I am 72 years old and I have been studying the destruction of my country by our “rotten to the core” govenment, for more than 25 years. I’ve been an intercessor for most of those years believing that God would intervene and save our land from Satan.

    11 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. AMEN 777

    • RJ says:

      I think that we are now at a Fork in the Road.

      America may have been measured by God, like Sodom and Gummorah.

      What has God found? We shall see.

      I keep hearing fear mongers.

      I am hearing a lot of promise too, for turning this thing around.

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