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Fri, Jul 2, 2010    
Subject: Mormon Church owned KSL Radio says good bye to Sean Hannity – Gun Rights

America Will Die – 5 Blows To America – God's Judgements – #1 Oil Volcano

Latest Watchman's Cry Message by Nathan Leal
Message 153:

Oil Eruption in the Gulf – Part 2 – Gulf Under Siege!

Vultures over Lady Liberty – A Dramatic Narrative
Topics in this audio:
1. Gulf of Mexico Under Siege!
2. Oil Eruption – Part 2
3. Is an Evacuation Coming?
4. Sermon: Finding Spiritual Understanding of God! Finding out what to do!
This is a very important message that everyone must hear!


Health Care Bill – Secrets – Big Brother Wants Your Gold


Louisiana Governor Seals Oil-Spill Records — Elected officials in Louisiana and members of the public seeking details on how Mr. Jindal and his administration fared in their own response to the disaster are out of luck: late last week the governor vetoed an amendment to a state bill that would have made public all records from his office related to the oil spill.


VIDEO: Pensacola Councilman reports BP bringing in white sand to cover oil, has evidence — Larry Johnson, Pensacola City Councilman appears on the June 30, 2010 edition of Hardball on MSNBC.


Schwarzenegger orders state workers' pay cut to minimum wage — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has ordered about 200,000 state workers to be paid the federal minimum wage because the state Legislature has not passed a budget. Department of Personnel Administration Director Debbie Endsley sent the order Thursday in a letter to the state controller. Most state employees will be paid the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour for the July pay period.


House Rejects Ron Paul's Audit The Fed Bill — Congress just shot down the potential audit of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. There's still time to stop this Fed powergrab in the Senate. Find your senators. After you contact your congressman, please call your senators and demand they stand up for the American people by defeating H.R. 4173 and taking a standalone vote on S. 604, Audit the Fed.


Al Gore Sex Attack Scandal: Gore Scrambling After Latest Bad News — The latest in the Al Gore Sex Attack Scandal: Gore was on Larry King and called it all a ‘misunderstanding’; Portland Police re-open case; more proof Gore’s accuser is credible; and, Gore’s now worried about Global COOLING?!? And not just Global Cooling, MAN-MADE Global Cooling. The Man-Without-Shame’s troubles continue.


Obama Calls for 'Civilian Force' as Large as the Military — Speaking today at a town hall meeting, President Obama declared that the military was “overburdened’ by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, say that is among the reasons for his record military budgets as he contends with growing deficits.


BPA Plastics Chemical Now Linked to Asthma — The controversial chemical bisphenol-A (BPA), already linked to a wide array of health problems, may also increase the risk of asthma in children, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston and published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.


How the Ultimate BP Gulf Disaster Could Kill Millions — Disturbing evidence is mounting that something frightening is happening deep under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico—something far worse than the BP oil gusher.


Buchanan – Multiculturalism Could Break Up US – Vid


Pat Buchanan: America has become a tower of Babel.

Tony Blair To Get Liberty Medal (for genocide)


Popular Music Is The Babylon System


A London Guardian report entitled “Lady Gaga and the New World Order” gives serious credence to a website that not only discusses how popular music is used to keep people downtrodden and distracted, but how it is replete with messages and symbolism bragging about how the elite are using entertainment to keep the masses enslaved.

…Bob Dylan clip is misconstrued as him saying he sold his sold to the devil, when in fact

as any Dylan fan will know, in the late 70’s he became a Christian and started releasing gospel music, it does an excellent job in pointing the finger at those who really have metaphorically sold their souls – people like Katy Perry – to be used as tools with which to keep the masses in a perpetual state of disorder and spiritual decay.

Tearing down the facade of this babylon system and dragging people away from the constant hypnotic distractions of sports, dumbed-down music, fashion and every other sideshow offered up to turn our heads from our true spiritual development is as if not more important than educating people about the political aspects of the new world order agenda


Pelosi: Unemployment Checks Fastest Way to Create Jobs

US lawmaker: Oil spill costs may run trillions of dollars


Flu Vaccines, pharma fraud, quack science, the CDC and WHO — all exposed by Richard Gale and Gary Null

A remarkable article was published today by authors Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null of the Progressive Radio Network ( It may be the most shocking (and important) public health article published in the last two years. If you read just one health article this entire month, make it this onedamning evidence that exposes the fraud and quackery of the vaccine industry (as well as the corruption at the CDC and WHO)

Kucinich to introduce bill for cell phone radiation research, warning label

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) said Wednesday that he will introduce a bill for a federal research program on the affects of cellphone radiation on users. The bill will also call for a warning label for mobile phones, as a growing body of research around the world indicate potential links between long-term use and cancer.


World Government Financial capital rules world, not governments: Fidel Castro July 1, 2010 | English News


Arizona's new gun law wouldn't be a good fit for Utah


(Communist) Marjorie Cortez (LDS Own) Deseret News

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 —

Here's a new take on concealed firearms laws. Last week, GOP Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law a bill that allows people to carry concealed weapons without permits.

That means for people 21 and older, there will be no more background checks or classes. Proponents say the bill allows people to protect themselves and promotes Second Amendment rights. Critics worry that there will be more shootings because people with less training will have fewer restrictions. Once the law takes effect, in about 90 days, Arizona will join Alaska and Vermont as states that do NOT require concealed carry (GOVERNMENT) permits. Forty-five states, among them Utah, require concealed firearms permits. Illinois and Wisconsin prohibit them.

KSL NewsRadio drops Sean Hannity

Salt Lake Tribune– Jul 1, 2010
…Hannity, who is also seen on Fox News Channel, would be “the perfect complement to Glenn Beck…Stanek speculated on the reason for the decision to drop Hannity. “I think part of [Hannity’s] show is contradictory to KSL’s code,” he said. Stanek was referring to a mission statement that Willes issued in January as head of Deseret Management Corp., the for-profit arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which owns KSL. The mission said in part, “We are trusted voices of light and knowledge, reaching hundreds of millions of people worldwide.” Among the principles are “integrity, civility, morality and respect for all people,” he said.

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