Barry Soetoro – Gulf Toxic Testing Ground

How many Presidents would sit back and allow the Gulf of Mexico to be destroyed?  Barry Soetoro and his EPA are allowing BP and Transocean to Kill the Gulf with Corexit and Negligence. 

In Britain Corexit 9500 was banned.  In the Gulf of Mexico it is becoming clear that the Oligarchal Banking Cartels want the Ocean in the Gulf to die and they are aware that cleanup workers will die from the Oil Spill and by their Dispersants.  Microbes could clean up the Oil Spill in about 6 weeks, but BP continues to Hide the Oil and Poison the Gulf Ocean every day. 

Ranger R J   
Sat, Jul 3, 2010    
Subject: Barry Soetoro – Gulf Toxic Testing Ground 2 Clips – Microbes Could Clean It Up in 6wks

Seems that microbes will clean up the oil mess.

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Only BP & Haliburton & other of the like refuse to allow that technology to be used. They prefer the dispursant "Corexit 9500", which is toxic to all life.

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35 Responses to “Barry Soetoro – Gulf Toxic Testing Ground”

  1. Merle Savage says:

    In 1989 Exxon told the cleanup workers the same story, that the crude oil is not toxic. Some of us are living proof of the toxic exposure, and many others have died. Please view the YouTube video, and help get the message to Gulf residents, BP crude oil cleanup workers, and President Obama. Respirators need to be supplied to oil cleanup crews.
    Thank you.

    The quote something like: “If you talk the talk, then walk the walk”, comes to mind when I hear so much about how the crude oil is not toxic. It isn’t enough to fly into a pre- selected area, visit with a few selected locals, and then fly back to safe surroundings. That is all SHOW. Dr. Riki Ott has been living on the Gulf scene since the beginning of the oil spill. She is one who “Talks the talk, and walks the walk”. All my respect goes to her.
    I ask President Obama to invite her to the White House, and listen to what an expert has to say about the crude oil. She is the expert, I am only a victim.

    • RJ says:

      BP has lost half it’s stock value since April 20th.

      Panic by the public is one thing that the Global Banksters don’t want to occur. Silence is their golden rule, right now.

      Wall Street and the Banks have a lot to lose if they do not have Our Good Faith and Credit.

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