Toxic Gulf Stream – More BP Lies

For a couple of weeks now oil has been dumping into the Gulf Stream.  BP and Obama don't want you to panic.  Instead more than $1 million is being spent to convince you to swim on the beaches of Florida.

Oil is now traveling along the whole east coast of Florida.  Politicians and BP and Barry Soetoro don't want you to panic.  They make more money and are buying more time by remaining silent about the oil in the Gulf stream and about the deaths that will occur because of the gaseous clouds and the toxic oil that is killing the ocean and the seal life and that will be killing Americans. 

Alexander Higgins

Sat, Jul 3, 2010    
Subject: Cracks in the Gulf Sea Bed – Gulf Oil Stream – More Obama Silence – More BP Lies

Oil From BP Gulf Oil Spill Confirmed In Gulf Stream Up Entire East Coast Of Florida


Oil And Gas Leaks From Cracks In Seabed Confirmed – Videos Show Gulf Oil Spill Leaking From Seafloor


Sea Life Flocks To Coast To Avoid BP Gulf Oil Spill As Millions of Dead Fish Float Ashore | Alexander Higgins Blog

John Kiminas



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2 Responses to “Toxic Gulf Stream – More BP Lies”

  1. justmeint says:

    Just how anyone in the sciences or government, currently dealing with the huge environmental disaster occurring in the Gulf of Mexico, can intimate all is well with the air we breathe, the food caught in those waters and eaten and the rain falling from the sky, is beyond my comprehension.

    • RJ says:

      It’s a real mess now, in the Gulf.

      Our country and earth needs our prayers right now.

      I wonder how our power is in prayer. Wil God hear us?

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