BP Lies – Gulf Task Force – It’s Up To Us

Americans are now coming together for America.  The new Gulf Task Force is made up of your neighbors who will not be waiting for Barry Soetoro's Government or BP's Oil Hiding Crews any more.

BP has lost over half of it's stock value since April 20th.  The Global Banksters TPTB stand to lost $Trillions if their Derivatives Bubble isn't sustained by BP's silence and by America's Sheople.  How many people have to die before we step in and bear the burden of Liberty that is ours to bear?  America is the Home of the Free because of the Brave.  What kind of American are you?

Robert Hender  " R J "



   Will you join the new Gulf Task Forcewww.gulftaskforce.org  1 – 408 – 600 – 3600  In order to register to participate with the Gulf Task Force you must first go to www.waterforworldpeace.webex.com  Americans are coming together for America.  On Friday the 9th of July 9pm East Coast Time there is a conference call.  On Monday evening Kindra Arnesen joined other Americans who are concerned about what is going on in the Gulf and what is Not Being Done in the Gulf.  It is now time for Americans to mobilize for the Gulf.  Would you volunteer to help Clean Up the Gulf?   There is a lot of work to do. 

   People who live in the Gulf States are not geting much help by Obama's Government.  BP is hiding the oil spill.

   More than 30 countries have volunteered to send help to the Gulf of Mexico to help stop the oil leak and to help clean up the oil that looks like it will destroy all Ocean Life in the Gulf and it could go on to destroy al the oceans of the world. 

   How long can we wait for Barry Soetoro or BP to fix this?  How is this working for you? 

   Some areas of the Gulf Coast need to be undisturbed.  If we all run down there to help, we don't want to trample nesting areas and we do not want to get in the way of BP's people. 

   On Monday the 5th a CNN reporter was surrounded by security as he brought out his camera to document what is going on there, in the Gulf. 

   We must realize what really matters in the Gulf area, now.  BP has lost over half of it's stock share value since the 20th of April and they stand to lose much more money. 

   TPTB stand to lose $Trillions if they lose our Good Faith and Credit. 

   Public Panic is their enemy, right now.  Keeping Americans content and uninformed are the magic ingredients to maintaining their profits.  A major Derivitives Bubble is still being sustained by our conformity to their Political Correctness.  

   Some prognosticators are saying that about 1.29 Billion people will die from the BP Gulf Spill and the Lethal Gasses that are already moving over the waters and that will be soon moving on to the shore. 

   Dolphins are dying.  Turtles are dying.  All kinds of fish are dying.  How many people have to die before Americans pay attention to What We Don't Know, in the Gulf?  What if a Methane Gas Cloud moves in to a City while Americans are sleeping and half of the people there never wake up?  Will BP be calling the press to inform everybody? 

   The Corexit 9500 is designed to drop the spilt oil to the bottom of the ocean so that we don't have to see it; so BP doesn't have to clean it.  These millions of barrels of oil will continue to kill all life in the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico and it is already following the Gulf Stream " the Gulf Oil Stream, " around the tip of Florida and up the east Florida coast. 

   Uranium is spilling into the Gulf with the BP oil and it is radioactive.  Thorium is spilling in to the Gulf with the BP oil and it is radioactive.  The Swamp Gas in the Gulf is filled with lethal gasses. 

   People are getting sick, now. 

   Americans are still treating this Explosion and Oil Spill as an accident.  Americans continue to wait for Obama and FEMA and BP to clean the spill, but at this rate the bleeding of the earth, in the Gulf, could continue for another 2 years. 

   We have no idea how much is going wrong in the Gulf. 

   Perhaps for BP everything is just fine, just the way they planned it. 

   America became the Home of the Free because of the Brave men and women who have shouldered their responsibility, by each of the generations that came before us. 

   When we are done playing the Blame Game, the oil spewing is still gong on and the Swamp Gas will continue to move upon the water and into the communities in the Gulf of Mexico. 

   Quiet meetings are being held by FEMA about evacuation plans that are under way.  On the Radio this morning with Jerry Kirk we spoke about a meeting in Alton, Missouri with " Suits and Cops, " discussing their plans for evacuation.

   Many Americans are already moving their families out f Harm's Way.

   If you have evidence for me, feel free to forward it to me – rj@morningliberty.com

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   www.republicbroadcastng.org  7am – 9am  Central Time  weekdays

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