Martial Law – Gun Control – N W O Exercises in Chicago

Why would military troops from Polland participate in Operation Viligant Guard exercises in Chicago? Are foreign troops preparing to disarm Americans?  These foreign troops were supposed to be learning from exercises in terrorism and mass casualty disasters.

If BP were to collapse financially, it could ruin the rest of the Stock Market.  After 234 years of Peace and Abundance could America be seeing it's Final Decline?  In Connecticut a Catholic Priest was just charged with the theft of $1.3million of church money to pay for strippers over the last 7 years. In the EU belief in the Bible can be deemed as Hate Speech.

Dave Cleveland
Subject: BP Collapse Could Crash Financial Markets…The US Constitution: Has it been forsaken?…
Date:    Wed, July 7, 2010 11:43 am

High Fructose Corn Syrup Versus Aspartame


BP Collapse Could Crash Financial Markets


Exclusive Video: National Magazine says Obama not Born in U.S.

America is 234 Years Old – Is It Finished? — GE has $36Bn in sales and paid $431M in taxes (15% of net profits) in 2009. They also paid out $9Bn in dividends and over $24Bn in 2008 and 2007 and in 2007 they bought back their own stock but, in those three years, they paid -(NEGATIVE) $900M in taxes! Are you feeling victimized yet? Does GE use our infrastructure? Do they use our public airwaves? Are they protected by our police? Is our army out there fighting and dying to protect them? Do they take money from our government? Do we educate their employees? This is the INSANITY of the US tax system. Comment by Jimm: The corporations, funded through our 401Ks, are destroying the United States by design. We worry more about our monetary returns, than if we're going to have a job in the coming years.

Turmeric prevents benzene-induced hematoxicity — CONCLUSIONS: (1) When the liver cytochrome P450 activity were altered, the hematotoxicity of benzene poisoning in mice underwent changes. (2) Alcohol increases the hematotoxicity induced by benzene poisoning in mice. (3) Curcuma longa has preventive effect against the hematotoxity of benzene.

Brown Rice and Other Whole Grains Can Prevent Type-2 Diabetes — Natural health advocates have long advocated nutrient-dense whole grains over the bleached and processed kinds, like white rice and white bread.

Polish Troops Train To Take On American “Terrorists”
Wednesday, July 7, 2010–Law enforcement and military officials were keen to play down the presence of Polish troops during the recent Operation Vigilant Guard exercises in Chicago, but claims that the foreign personnel were there merely as “observers” were proven incorrect after they were filmed participating in drills which revolved around terrorism and mass casualty disasters.

Foreign Troops Training To Confiscate Guns of Americans

A Gay Bishop for the Church of England? July 6, 2010 | Newsmax


Mark of the Beast Watch
Uncle Sam Wants You to Have an Online ID July 6, 2010 | Fox Business


#‘Beastly’ system marking every purchase you make July 6, 2010 | World Net Daily


EU Group: Belief in the Bible ‘Hate Speech’ July 1, 2010 | Dakota Voice

Priest 'stole $1.3m from church to pay for male escorts'
New Haven, Connecticut–Wednesday, 7 July 2010
A Roman Catholic priest was charged yesterday with stealing $1.3m (£850,000) in church money over seven years to use for male escorts, expensive clothing and luxury hotels and restaurants.

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) – The Roman Catholic Church is petitioning Chile's government for prisoner pardons that would include people responsible for crimes against humanity—

States Rights On Line As Feds Sue AZ

The US Constitution: Has it been forsaken?
KSL – July 6th, 2010–SALT LAKE CITY —
The U.S. Constitution is, of course, the supreme law of our land. It has also become a political football used by politicians as a rallying cry to take us back to what the founding fathers envisioned. But has the Constitution really been forsaken? …"That's the biggest thing I learned in this class, is just find out things for yourself. Don't really believe what everybody's telling you, 'cause they're telling you what you want to hear," says Skyline student Garrett Battaglia…Some believe the U.S. Constitution is a sacred document, but can it hang by a thread?
Constitutional Flashpoints:
1800 – Federalists v. Anti-Federalists
1830 – Nullification, Clay v. Calhoun
1860 – Civil War
1890 – Industrial Regulation
1930 – New Deal
1960 – Civil Rights & States' Rights
1980 – Reaganonmics
2010 – Tea Party


UTAH POLICE STATE: Evanston residents, businesses upset over UHP's fireworks sting
A part of UHP's operation is placing undercover officers in unmarked cars near the fireworks stores. They look for Utahns coming into Evanston only to purchase fireworks and alcohol. Then they'll write down license plates and car descriptions and call troopers who are waiting just across the state line…"Their job ends at the border. They have no legal authority up here. They're interfering with business."



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