Tipping Point – World Catastrophe Imminent – Top 18 Floods 2010

BP has gone beyond their technology and in the Gulf they have tapped into an Oil Volcano.  Cracks are in the floor of the Gulf and it may be impossible to stop the Oil and the Methane and the Benzine and the Uranium and the Thorium in the Gulf.  More than 18 Major communities have been hit with floods so far in 2010 and Hurricane Alex hit Mexico hard.  It's time to pray.  It's time to Bug Out.  Boats can not float on water with methane gas.

We are days, maybe just weeks away from a complete Economic Collapse in America and around the World.  These financial and natural catastrophes will impact all of us.

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Voices by Radio, Warning of Flooding, Hurricanes, Oil Spill, WW3, Methane Gas Blowout in the Gulf – Tea Party Too Late
Wed, July 7, 2010   

My city was hit really hard by Hurricane Alex . I just want to share some images and ask for your pray for families and victims in pain and sorrow !!

Devastating flooding around the world this year – 2010
In this forum, you'll see a collection of amazing videos from numerous countries –

Nashville USA, Portugal, Poland, Brazil, France, Romania/Ukraine, Saskatchewan, China, Hungary, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, Cuba, Serbia, Argentina, Kenya, Nigeria, Singapore, Slovakia…

Floods In 2010/All Around The World!!!

Both A.C. Griffith and Richard C. Hoagland on the radio within 24 hrs. Both addressed the seriousness in the Gulf.

radio " with A.C. Griffith " July 4 episode "Bridging the Gap with Joe Joseph and John King"

This is an EMERGENCY broadcast of Bridging the Gap. A.C. Griffith returns to the show to give critical updates pertaining to the Gulf oil disaster as well as how to best prepare yourself and your family.

And the wee hours of Monday, July 5th – Richard C. Hoagland on Coast to Coast Am

To paraphrase – Hoagland says, what if the government is saving lives by not putting them in jeopardy, making people clean up the gulf – knowing it could blow?

In the first half of the program, George Noory was joined by Richard C. Hoagland for a discussion on the potential catastrophic dangers that could result from the accumulation of methane in the Gulf. He pointed to evidence which suggests that a massive bulge of methane is forming beneath the ocean floor. Should it suddenly burst, Hoagland warned, the methane would reduce the buoyancy of the water, causing large ships in the area to "sink like a rock," killing thousands of people instantly.

Subsequently, the collapse of the bulge would cause water to fill the hole and create a tsunami that would hit anyone within a mile or two of the Gulf within minutes. In light of this theory, he posited that the lack of action coming from Washington is because they know of this potential danger and are trying to protect people by not filling the Gulf with boats as part of a clean-up effort.

Unfortunately, Hoagland lamented, since BP's mud log data is proprietary and unavailable to independent scientists, there is no way of predicting when such an event may occur. Therefore, he urged C2C listeners to contact Louisiana resident and prominent TV pundit James Carville, in the hopes of creating momentum in the mainstream media for this information to be made public. Beyond that, Hoagland's advice for people in the area was simply "get out of the Gulf region of Mexico because the Feds are not telling you the real danger."

For those residents unable or unwilling to leave the region, he advised that the methane in the air carries a "huge cocktail of bizarre gases" that could prove deadly, immediately or over time, if inhaled. As such, he suggested that people in the area acquire gas masks to breathe and an ozone generator to purify the air, "otherwise, you gotta move, you gotta leave, you can't keep breathing this air."

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2 Responses to “Tipping Point – World Catastrophe Imminent – Top 18 Floods 2010”

  1. Demolition Man says:

    Well, these ludicrous notions of catastrophes due to numerous BP caused mistakes have been disproven now and all these chronically ignorant doomsdayers can go and hide under the rocks they crawled out from to escape the ridicule of the informed people…
    Common sense : 1 Paranoid conspiracy theorists : 0

    • RJ says:

      Every one of these disaster claims have had merit.

      Mother nature has a hand in all of this.

      Our choices are at play every day, too.

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