Martial Law – Economic Collapse – N W O – My Surrender

It doesn't matter how we die, so much.  It does matter how we live.  America needs us to love her.  She is my America.  This is My Country.  America can't be Great until America is Good again.  Upon our shoulders this burden rests, whether we will have liberty in 2 weeks or in 5 years or in 2 generations from now.

A gift is something we give without expecting anything in return.  Friendship is a gift.  Happiness is a choice.  Love is a gift and the true measure of the truth.  America needs Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers now.

Robert Hender  " R J "

   On the radio every weekday morning I get to visit with you.  At  I bring guests to these microphones so that we can explore our choices. 

   Everybody has an opinion.  We are entitled to our opinions. 

   Everybody has their own convictions.  We are entitled to our convictions. 

   I have been contemplating on the " Rights of Passage, "  in losing everything before we surender to Our Creator, God.  I have lost everything a couple of times.  I have been under my own martial law, for years now.  In my new world there has been a whole lot of effort and a whole lot of praying. 

   Several years ago it was very difficult for me to hear " Let Go and Let God. "  How dare somebody make a statement like that to me.  It America we have this thing called " the American Dream, " or " the American Way of Life." 

   These days I feel the weight upon my shoulders of My Country and My Liberty.  America was handed to you and me because of the Brave.  Wow, did that ever wrap itself around my heart when I heard that. 

   America is a Great Country when America is Good. 

   Are we good any more? 

   In the early 1990's I found that my wife at the time was writing my Construction Company checks to herself and cashing them at my bank.  I found that my accountant took my money and my books.  A Liar, crooked lawyer assaulted my life and I was sleeping in a neighbor's garage with everything, gone down the drain. 

   I was angry for quite a while.  I thought that I ought to retaliate upon somebody.  I was thinking that if I killed the lawyer that I would be doing the world a favor.  Every night I was thinking about how I could take the lawyer out.  I was angry at my exwife and I was very upset at my former accountant. 

   I had a right to be angry.  I was the injured party and they deserved my punishment. 

   Everywhere I went I carried this anger with me.  Anger is the prelude to murder. 

   One day I realized that I could not walk around being angry any more.  I prayed and prayed to God, asking if he would take this anger from my heart and then deal with my persecutors as He saw fit.  He could deliver justice better than I could any way.

   I did not want to be angry any more. 

   I started from scratch. 

   People refuse to begin at the bottom, these days. 

   Finding bedrock is a healthy thing.  I found Jesus again, better and more richly than I ever thought I had Him before.  I began to realize who my true friends were, not just those who kept hanging around when they thought I had money.  It's eye opening to find out which were the honest relationships in my life. 

   For a while a neighbor let me put up a bed in his garage.  My girlfriend joined me, yeah.  We got some white sheets and draped them around our living quarters.  For a while, while we had to, we turned that little garage into our Little Heaven.  One by one and by the next one each of my children joined me and my new wife in this little garage. 

   I began working for a new company. 

   I had to set my pride aside. 

   My big, red Company truck was confiscated by the bank.  I miss my truck some times. 

   I began volunteering at a nearby radio station.  I had worked in radio before, but my heart had been ripped out of my chest and I didn't know if I had anything to offer to an audience again.  I did the Morning Drive at a Radio Station and then worked with a Water Softener Company in the afternoons and evenings.  I also began working with a Satellite Dish company.  I was doing everything I knew how, to build my life again. 

   It took discipline to get back on my feet, working 3 jobs and building my life again. 

   I do not get paid for doing my Radio Show at RBN every weekday morning.  Money is not why I do the Radio Show.  I've been doing the Radio Thing for over 19yrs now and I dig down deep into my heart and speak from my soul.  What can I offer today to inspire and inform my country? 

   All of my children have come back home and now they are out of my nest.  Now I have a new batch of children. 

   I think of my children and your children.  I think of their future and the future of your children. 

   I may not know all of the answers, but at least I am making a Whole Effort. 

   On the construction jobsite I recall hiring people and teaching them my skills, one by one by one.  It's funny how once in a while I would see one of my guys think he was worth more money so he would then work at 50%.  It was interesting to see a man make a daily habit of being 50%.  Life does reward us for what we invest into it.  Life doesn't always return a dividend by money either. 

   A gift is something we give, with no strings attatched. 

   Friendship is a gift. 

   Happiness is a choice. 

   Wow, I remember what my girlfriend said to me as she joined me in my neighbor's garage.  She's my wife now, I wasn't going to let her go for anything.  She said to me that we were meant to be together and that we would do just that, even if that was in some garage. 

   America needs us to love her, the same way. 

   She is My America.  This is My Country. 

   In my life I went through an Economic Collapse.  I lived under my own Martial Law and my World did take on a New Order, as I surendered to my Jesus. 

   Yeah, it is true that i may not be good enough.  My Jesus is more than good enough and because of Him I am Good Enough and no weapon formed against Him or me will conquer. 

   What ever TPTB may bring against us, we will outlast it. 

   Freedom is not some teeshirt that we wear or some flag that we fly a couple of times a year. 

   We still need Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers, today. 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J 

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