Restore America Plan – Tim Turner – 6 April 11th clips

Since 1868 Congress has not had lawful authority to act.  The 13th amendment was the last lawful amendment to the constitution.  Americans have been deceived.  In 1868 the Corporation of the United States was created.  America has been run by Corporations and by Corporate laws ever since. 

Government can no longer float their bonds.  The 14th amendment enslaved the whole country.  When we become a U S citizen we submit to jurisdiction of the District of Columbia.  As we register to vote or when we sign our driver's license we submit to slavery.  R A P is making history.  All the Governors have been served with notice that the Corporate Fraud must end.  The system of the Banksters and their Fraud must end.  Over 135 Congressmen stole money from the Bailout Funds. In a peaceful manner, it is time that we stand up for God and rescue America.  

Gene Hagloch
Restore America Plan – Tim Turner Interview clips Grand Jury stuff please read for SPR – Congress Stole Our $Money
Tue July 6, 2010  

The Restore America Plan

 Secret Trusts exist with $Trillions.  New stolen $Trillions have been located and secured for America    

I am without words—speechless—imagine that.  Ring the liberty bells!  Proclaim liberty throughout the land, and praise God.  The day of our deliverance is here, if we will accept it, and be unlike our ancient Israelite forebears who longed instead for the meager handouts that slavery had afforded them.

This wonderful hymn (LDS Hymns, #323) comes to mind. 

“Rise up, O men of God!  Have done with lesser things!  Give heart and soul and mind and strength to serve the King of Kings!  Rise up, O men of God, in one united throng!  Bring in the day of brotherhood and end the night of wrong!  Rise up, O men of God!  Tread where his feet have trod. As brothers of the Son of Man, Rise up, O men of God!  Rise up!  Rise up!  Rise up!”

Lovin’ liberty,

Liberty, sir, is the primary object, …the battles of the Revolution were fought, not to make ‘a great and mighty empire’, but ‘for liberty’. Patrick Henry

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