Barry Soetoro – Uncle Tom for Corporate Backers

There is a difference between the talk and the walk.  New taxes for the Health Care Reform are about to be levied on every American.  Who does Barry Soetoro aka President Obama work for? 

Are we racists?  Every American is suffering collateral damage for Obama's policies, as directed by the Corporate Backers of Barry Soetoro.  Is President Obama the " Uncle Sam, " of every American or is Obama the " Uncle Tom, " of his Corporate Backers?  John McCain or Hillary would have pursued the same policies as Obama because they were all backed by the same Bankster Machinery.

Ralph Nader
Subject: This is a Race Test – Barry Soetoro is looking a little pale
Sat, 10 Jul 2010

This is a Racism Test

Do you like him any less now? (view image below)

No? Then you're not a racist.

We also ask, do you like him any more now? Yes to either answer makes you racist.

I seriously doubt so many liberals would have been tripping over themselves to support and crying with tears of joy, had Obama been a white guy with the same policies they THOUGHT he had. I say that confidently because there was a white guy with the policies they projected on to Obama. There were three actually. The people who loved
him wrongly assumed he was anti-war and against corporate America. There were however a few guys who really like that, Gravel, Kucinich, and Paul. But they weren't minority enough. How about Hilary, what if she had been a man? Policy-wise she'd be McCain or come to think of it Obama. For all three of them had the same policies on every major issue. What was sold in the election campaigns were image and demographic associations. It had nothing to do with substance. People pickd and image first and filled in the blank with whatever substance they wished for regardless of whether or not it actually matched reality. That's a real psychological problem. You'll see that in religion or sport fanatics too they pick a conclusion "my team/god/whatever is the best" and rationalize everything else to fit that, no matter what reality is they've got excuses for it.

Read the rest here, has videos linked to it.  Very interesting.

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