Economic Collapse – Maywood CA

A financial meltdown is taking place in Cities and Counties and States all over America.  Teachers, Policemen, Firemen and other vital employees are being fired because there is not enough money, in the budget.

During 2007 and 2008 every block in Maywood CA had houses that were under foreclosure.  It was heart-wrenching to see soup lines at local churches grow longer and longer.  This financial crunch has become a desperate situation all over America.  Former Mayor Sergio Calderon has seen Bank Failures, Foreclosures and Meltdowns impacting his neighbors and our country.

Larouche Pac
Sun July 11, 2010
Subject Maywood Mayor Interview – Economic Meltdown – Cities Melting Down

Subject: LPAC: Maywood CA Mayor interview – Desperate Situation for America
 RJ — This is the interview with the former Mayor of Maywood CA. who had to close down it's police and fire department.  Give it a few seconds to buffer after you click on it,.

Former Maywood mayor and city councilmember, Sergio Calderon, discusses Glass-Steagall and the crash tearing through the nation's cities.

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