Martial Law – Gun Confiscation in N Y

Operation Vigilant Guard exercises in Chicago was a public display of Martial Law exercises by police from countries around the world.  In America FEMA personnel have been training for biological or chemical attacks against America.

Alex Jones says that in the name of enforcing the War on Drugs National Guard Troops are scanning New York neighborhoods with gamma radiation equipment to look for guns and drugs and money and people.  Are these National Guard activities protecting us from drug activity or are they acts against our liberty?

Steve Brooks   
Date: Sat, Jul 10, 2010    
Subject: National Guard Helping Confiscate Guns in New York State  

"They" are on the move no matter what the law and Constitution says!

This is what Dr. Jack Stockwell exposed on his program today.  It made Alex Jone's blood boil and it will make yours boil also.  Watch this 10 min vid and then pass it on to EVERYONE. 

Alex Jones exposes the latest story to make his blood boil– the announcement that National Guard will violate posse comitatus, the 4th Amendment and other restrictions to assist NY state police search & scan vehicles for contraband. With the premise of enforcing the war on drugs, they will utilize new high-tech mobile scanning units that will deploy gamma radiation to locate drugs, weapons or even people. Alex also covers a host of other subjects; please watch and spread around.

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"Next to being one in worshiping God,
there is nothing in this world upon which
this Church should be more united than
in upholding and defending the Constitution
of the United States in the tradition of the
Founding Fathers." — David O. McKay


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