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A whole section of this website has been set aside for direct and indirect news of the Restore America Plan.  Looking and Listening and Thinking takes time.  Americans seem to be short on a lot of things these days.

The bonds were arrested, of Government at the onset of this Restore America activity.  Government used to secure operating capital by floating bonds, by borrowing.  Well, they are out of money.  The old, banking fraud system is ending.  A new abundant system for Government by " We the People, " is about to begin.  Keep your hands inside and have fun. 

Robert Hender  " R J "  –  a radio listener had a question for R J – this was his response…


Hey Neighbor

   Personally, I feel your pain.  Below is a 3 hour interview on Talkshoe that one of my listeners sent to me.  

   The I R S continues to send me love letters.  A couple of my friends believe they know how to help me fight their unlawful claim. 

   As a member of the Utah Jury I see and hear a few details, but much of what is going on by the Leaders of R A P does not get to me.   Men are still risking their lives to Secure our Freedom.  Do you recall the words, " Let my people go? "

   Every week people continue to inform me how the Leaders of R A P are double agents and that we may end up in jail. 

   The F B I has been at my door, to see if I am some threat.  They have nothing to fear from me and I had nothing to hide.

   Other Jury members have been approached by the F B I and  sponses say that they may leave, over it.   

   I am facing 5 traffic issues and I am in the middle of learning how to deal with these things. 

   I do not get paid for this work at RBN.  I do a 2 hour radio program each weekday and then I spend 2 hours to 5 hours daily in preparation.  

   On this website I spend about 5 to 8 hours a day writing or reviewing and commenting and posting articles, but there is little money in this.  Money is not why I do this.   

   I get it – how JFK declared " ask not what America can do for you, but what you can do for America. " 

   When JFK took a stand against the Fed and the CIA they took him out. 

   The leaders of R A P have had threats on their lives.  No, the press isn't covering much of this. 

   I figure that a war is being waged upon us, our country and our liberties. 

   I am now fully engaged in this battle. 

   Back in February this year one of my Morning Liberty fans contacted me and said that I ought to check out this Restore America Plan.  I listened to the Re-Declaration proclaimed by Sam Kennedy on RBN.  I do not have a car, since mine broke down.  A neighbor drove me to see and hear more about R A P and I was in constant prayer to the meeting and during the presentation.  I asked the Creator for a witness.  I could feel the presense of Founding Fathers in the room with us.  In the middle of the presentaion, I heard these words spoken to me – " This is the most significant document since the Declaration of Independence. "  I looked around to see where these words came from.  They were not spoken to my ears, but impressed upon my heart. 

   I aploize that my response to your question is not a sound bite. 

   As each week goes by I am becoming more and more aware of the significance of 27 men and women who now Stand with the R A P, as a De Jure Grand Jury in Every Republic.  A few weeks ago I got a vision, though I was awake.  What distilled upon my soul as an understanding that a handful of men – who know how to perform surgery upon a Sick America – are willing to go to work, but they realize they would risk their lives to Go and Do this work to Restore America.  These men were willing to Go and Do this work if they realized that they would not be standing alone. 

   I have spoken with many Jury members and I could tell you that every one of us has been led by the Creator, in our own paths, but willing to risk it all now to Stand for Liberty and to Stand with Other R A P Americans for this cause. 

   Just over the last couple of days I have been brought to recall Sodom and Gummorah and God's question for those Cities.  America is now very much like the Great Babylon, or like Israel Slaves in Egypt, or like Sodom and Gummorah and the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob is now calling out to see if there are any righteous men and women in America.  Who will stand with God and for Liberty in America?   

   I believe America is now being weighed in the balance, by God.  We are now at a crossroads, which direction shall we go?  

   On my website  I share as much material about these things as I can.  On my morning radio program I also am sharing as much detail as I can on these things   

   It is not perfect.  We live in a God-Made World with man-made rules.  

   I think our stand ought to rest upon the Declaration of Independence, " …all men are Created Equal…  …right to Life, Liberty and our Pursuit of Happiness. "   These things are God Given and I believe that all mankind on the earth must be able to exercise these rights, some day.  

   The reality of it is that Responsibility does come with Liberty.  

   Some times we get the Government that we deserve.  

   Shall we be subjects?  

   Shall we be free?  

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J     

——– Original Message ——–


Last night’s call, DaveMack (Texas Rap coordinator) recommended people listen to this call from Friday.
You’ll have to get towards the end to get the specific msg I wanted you to hear… Per St.Germain
Amazing stuff – though you’ll know most of it :”)

Darryl Freck call fri night  –  fits in with what is going on with the restoration.

July 2 2010 – episode

Main page – world-wide light-workers call

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