Corexit – BP Murder in the Gulf

Oil and Corexit look like radiator fluid when they are combined.  Dr Chris Pinetich is a Marine Biologist and a Toxicologist and he speaks out about the Death that is Now Occurring because of Corexit.  Why is the Coast Guard doing the corexit spraying for BP on the land and on the ocean in the Gulf Coast?  A combination of Oil and Corexit are coating everything in the Gulf area.  These chemicals are deadly.  These chemicals are deadly to fish, birds and people. 

You must realize that BP officials are aware of how lethal Corexit is.  BP officials and the Coast Guard are involved in spraying Corexit by the tons in the Gulf of Mexico.  Corexit ruptures red blood cells.  By design, Corexit assists the oil to penetrate the skin, enter the organs and causes liver damage, kidney damage and internal bleeding.

Dr Chris Pinetich 
Subject: Cost-Benefit Analysis for Life in the Gulf – Why is the Coast Guard Spraying Corexit in the Gulf?
Monday July 12, 2010

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Toxicologists: Corexit “Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding”, "Allows Crude Oil To Penetrate “Into The Cells” and “Every Organ System"

As I have previously noted, Corexit is toxic, is less effective than other dispersants, and is actually worsening the damage caused by the oil spill.

Now, two toxicologists are saying that Corexit is much more harmful to human health and marine life than we've been told.

Specifically Gulf toxicologist Dr. Susan Shaw – Founder and Director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute – dove into the oil spill to examine the chemicals present.

Dr. Shaw told CNN:

If I can tell you what happens — because I was in the oil — to people…

Shrimpers throwing their nets into water… [then] water from the nets splashed on his skin. …

[He experienced a] headache that lasted 3 weeks… heart palpitations… muscle spasms… bleeding from the rectum…

And that’s what that Corexit does, it ruptures red blood cells, causes internal bleeding, and liver and kidney damage. …

This stuff is so toxic combined… not the oil or dispersants alone. …

Very, very toxic and goes right through skin.


The reason this is so toxic is because of these solvents [from dispersant] that penetrate the skin of anything that’s going through the dispersed oil takes the oil into the cellstakes the oil into the organs… and this stuff is toxic to every organ system in the body. …





Similarly, marine biologist and toxicologist Dr. Chris Pincetich – who has an extensive background in testing the affects of chemicals on fish – says that Corexit disrupts cell membranes.

He also explains that EPA toxicity testing for Corexit is woefully inadequate, since EPA testing for mortality usually only requires a 96-hour time frame. His doctoral research found that fish that were alive at 96 hours after exposure to pesticide were dead at two weeks, so the chemicals were considered non-lethal for the purposes of the test.



Drs. Shaw and Pincetich are wildlife conservationists. But even industry scientists working for Exxon and the manufacturer of Corexit itself admit that the stuff is toxic.

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