First 6 Stages – Evacuation Plan

Exxon officials in Valdez told Merle Savage to not allow " the press, " on to the Spill area.  Cleanup workers from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill have been suffering from the effects of the chemicals in the ocean and in the air from the Oil Spill.

Merle Savage says, " this is my country. "  Every one of us can stand up to the demands by BP for silence over what is actually happening in the Gulf.  The E P A continues to invite tourists to come to the beaches and play and swim and buy stuff from local businesses.  How many people will have to die before people realize it may be time to leave the Gulf area.

Robert Hender  " R J "


   On the radio today it was rather exciting

   Jim Phillips is my Co-Host every Monday 7am – 9am Central Time.  Jim is the Guru of Getting Ready.  He makes preparation for an emergency easy.

   Today, Merle Savage joined Jim and me to discuss aspects of the Gulf Cleanu by BP.  The EPA needs to be warning people in the Gulf, cleanup workers and residents.  Merle Savage was one of the cleanup workers at the Exxon Valdez site in Alaska, 20 years ago.  Merle is still suffereing health effects from cleaning up the spilt oil in Alaska.

   Merle Savage claims that BP is currently going out at night, while the cameras aren't rolling, picking up dead fish and birds out of the ocean.  I appreciate that dead wildlife are being picked up.

   Exxon Valdez cleanup workers are still suffering from the effects of lethal chemicals that accompany an oil spill.  In the ocean and the air V O C's and Benzine are harmful to people. 

   Jim Phillips believes that people need to determine whether it may be time to evacuate the Gulf area, completely.  Whether you decide to stay or go may determine you will survive the aftermath of the BP Gulf Platform explosion, oil spill and the spreading of the Corexit in the Gulf. 

   There are 6 stages in getting ready to evacuate; 1 – Commitment  2 – Plan of Action  3 – Preparation  4 – Trigger Decision  5 – Execution  6 – End Result 

   By making no decision, you've made the decision already. 

   Deciding to " Bug Out, " at the wrong moment could cost you your life. 

   Evidence is already mounting that chemicals in the air, from the Gulf OIl Spill, are causing headaches, dizzyness, nausia and other flulike symptoms.  Many doctors are not prepared to quantify the extent of damage to your health by these V O C's and uranium and corexit and sulfides and thorium and methane and benzine and other chemicals that are in the air, now. 

   Merle Savage knows that a lot of people can not afford to leave their homes, jobs and the rest of their family.  Merle says if you die from exposure to the Gulf Swamp Gas then other problems will show up.

   Respirators are a necessity, but Exxon didn't provide adequate breathing protection and Merle Savage is stiff suffering because of that Exxon policy.  BP has been telling some of their cleanup workers that they can not wear breathing protection gear as they do their job or else they may get fired. 

   Whose country is it any way?  BP will walk away after this mess is all said and done.  Americans in the Gulf Coast will be living with the consequences for the rest of their lives. 

   Merle Savage suffers from constant pain as she breathes.  She can't walk into a carpet store or a fabric store and she can't handle with perfumes because of how damaged her immune system is from the Alaska Oil Spill.  Merle has scerosis of the liver and has had to visit doctors and has had to be medicated ever since her working days as a cleanup worker. 

   A caller mentioned that people need to find a " Drager, " hand held pump to test chemicals in the air or water themselves.  John in Texas also said that Granger makes an awesome full-face respirator.  We don't need BP's permisison or Obama's permission to protect ourselves. 

   We have been waiting for BP to fix this.  We have been waiting for Barry Soetoro aka President Obama and his administration to fix this.  We keep waiting for somebody else to fix this, but Americans will die from the effects of this BP Oil Spill in the Gulf. 

   BP has been telling some cleanup workers that they may be fired if they show up to work, with a respirator.

   Our safety is our own responsibility. 

   Kindra Arnesen has been speaking out about BP tactics of hiding the oil spill in the Gulf, rather than cleaning the oil up.  Dean Blanchard says he was ready to move away from his home and his job several weeks ago, but his wife keeps to plead with him to stay, at their home with her.  Some people are atttched to their homes and jobs and they may refuse to leave them.

   At  I have youtube videos of all of these people with their First Hand Stories. 

   Jim Phillips says it simply comes down to a commitment to Get Ready to Bug Out.  Some people can't bring themselves to walk away from Life as We Have Known It.  It takes a commitment to ourselves and our children that may bring us around to facing the tough decision of Bugging Out.  Before you go out and get stuff, it is importnt next to carefully sit down and draw out a potential Plan of Action.  We are never sure about what it may take to cause us to leave our homes.  Often these emergency events show up in our lives by surprise.  Next comes the preparation to leave, procuring and gathering the stuff that we may haul along if we decide to leave.  Then 4th in line is the Trigger Decision, what event could be drastic enough to cause us to walk away from everything?  Action is what overcomes fear and Executing Our Bug-Out Plan can create faith, imagine that.  No matter what event may face us, are we prepared to survive and thrive no matter what.  At last is the End Result of all of our plans and actions. 

   FEMA can't do any of this for us. 

   BP won't do this for us. 

   Obama is neglecting any of these details.  Maybe Obama believes that BP will fix this, too. 

   We are now moving into one of these Phases, as we have done before.  We are about to realize the " End of Life as We Have Known It. "   The Great Depression changed everyone's lives.  As the WW2 came winding down everybody's lives were forever changed.  Electricity has changed our lives.  Television has changed our lives.  Indoor plumbing has forever changed or lives.  Phones have changed everything.  Computers have impacted the whole earth.  Cellular phones are everywhere now.

   Merle Savage says that Exxon directed her to refuse to speak with the media. 

   Because of the Internet, it's very difficult to keep anything a secret any more.  The internet is a Freedom Tool. 

   Every one of these people are risking everything to Speak Out and to Inform our neighbors. 

   I hope you are there, with us as we face out futures, in Abundance and Love or under Pain and Suffering. 

   There are consequences to our actions or to our lack of being involved. 

Gulf Oil Spill and TILT

eBook "Ssilence In The Sound"

QEESI – The Quick Environmental Exposure and Sensitivity Inventory,

Be Free,   Robert Hender,  R J

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  1. laura m. says:

    There is just no hope for the gulf; no future, nothing. Real estate is worthless, so best to move out of the bad areas with toxic problems.

    • RJ says:

      Right now this New Cap looks promising, at the Deep Water Horizon site in the Gulf.

      What the Coast Guard and BP are doing with Corexit is unforgiveable.

      More fish and birds and vegation are dying than anyone would confess to.

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