More BP Lies – Barry Soetoro Plotting a Takeover?

A subcontractor in the Gulf says BP is hiding the Oil in the Gulf, not cleaning it up.  Apparently saving money has become more important to BP than saving people.  Who can we depend on to learn the truth of what is going on in the Gulf area? 

Why would President Obama be giving Chevron and Exxon the green light to take over?  Kremlin officials are very concerned about the military bases that the U S is now building in Afghanistan.  Does the U S plan on attacking Russia?  Tar balls are now showing up in New Jersey and on the Atlantic beaches of Florida.  Could Satan occupy the Vatican?

Dave Cleveland

Mon  July 12, 2010

 Moe BP Lies BP is Hiding the Spilt Oil, not Cleaning It Up Barry Soetoro Plotting a Takeover?

Gulf Oil Gusher spreading to florida EAST Coast – will kill tourism

Gulf Oil Stream – Tar Balls now in New Jersey…tar balls collected from Windward Beach in Brick NJ.

Do sweeteners bring on early birth? How fizzy drinks can harm an unborn child
Mothers-to-be who down cans of fizzy drink containing artificial sweeteners could be at greater risk of having a premature baby.


AMERICA is building secret bases in Afghanistan from which they intend to attack Russia, according to Kremlin officials.

Free speech in Barack Obama's America: Whatever you say, say nothing

Journalists are being fired for saying what they think while politicians on the Left and Right are being allowed to get away without being questioned

Exorcist Speaks of Satan in the Vatican

Former Contractor: BP Not Interested In Cleaning Up Oil Spill

BP Rumormill Update: Sunday Times Reports Exxon And Chevron Receive Green Light From Obama To Plot Takeover

Gen. Casey: America may be in Iraq and Afghanistan for another decade

July 11, 2010–Aspen, Colorado (CNN) – The United States may still be in the Afghanistan and Iraq region for another ten years, according to Gen. George Casey.

Artificial Sweetener Killing Americans — Aspartame: The Pentagon listed it as a biochemical warfare agent, and the FDA gave its approval as a sweetener used in over 6,000 foods.

Spicy Peppers May Cause Your Body to Burn Calories — Losing weight is just a few spicy peppers away, according to a recent report out of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. Researchers there say that the capsaicin compounds found in peppers that give them their spicy taste, actually help to burn calories as well.

FDA Allows Unsafe Drugs to be Fed to Livestock — The FDA continues to allow use of a dangerous livestock drug banned in 160 countries, including across Europe, China and Taiwan, even though the agency itself admits that the chemical is highly toxic to humans.

US Opposes Honest Labeling of GMO Foods — The official U.S. position on genetically-modified organisms, also known

Churches 'subverted, dumbed down'

Watch author of 'How Evil Works' on Christian TV broadcast
"The churches have very much fallen down on the job," responded Kupelian, who said they "have been subverted and dumbed down just like everything else: Our schools, our colleges, our major institutions have really been hurt, they've been subverted, they've lost their core message that they had, that really gave the great strength that America has had for all these years." "If I were the devil and I wanted to really ruin America, who would I subvert and attack?
I would attack the churches, the schools and the news media," Kupelian added.
Here is the five-minute interview with Kupelian from the July 6 edition of "Newswatch":

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