Jim Phillips

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Jim Phillips has been referred to as "A Friend and Advocate of Winter", "The Man Who Loves the Cold", and the "World-class Sub-zero Survival Guru". Jim's specialties actually include all aspects of Personal and Family Preparedness as well as Winter/ Arctic Living and Safety. Jim and FamilyWorx (the organization that he heads) advocate, "creating a culture of preparedness in a changing world" with the focus to teach families a principle-based approach to true preparedness that enables them to meet “all eventualities” without fear.

Jim and his father, the late J. G. Phillips, Sr., developed and perfected a new approach and technology for cold weather living and safety. Their system of clothing, equipment, and doctrine is known as PALS (Phillips Arctic Living System). Their experiences and the principles they developed have been featured in dozens of printed publications and broadcast appearances, and Jim continues to deliver public-service lectures and presentations to organizations of all types.

For more information view Jim Phillips' Bio.

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