Orlene Koehle

Author Orlean Koehle has been serving as the State President of Eagle Forum of California since 2002. Eagle Forum is the pro-family, pro-life, conservative organization started by Phyllis Schlafly back in the 1970s when she was fighting the Equal Rights Amendment.

Orlean is a former speech, drama, and journalism teacher, who is now a substitute teacher in Santa Rosa, CA. She is a published author of many articles and five books: Looking at Lincoln, A History and Guide to Lincoln, Nebraska; The Golden Rule School – Character Education; and the latest three which have caused her deep concern for her nation: Volume I – Laying the Foundation for the North American Union and Its Parallel to the European Union, and Volume II -The Incremental Chipping Away of the Once Great USA; and A Closer Look at the Real ID Act of 2005 – Giving Up a Whole Lot of Liberties for a Little Bit of False Security.


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