Sleepers in the Gulf – Evacuate Now

On the 11th of July, in the Gulf area, people are still in denial about how lethal the Swamp Gas is in the Gulf.  What is the difference between death by Corexit and Swamp Gas and a Hurricane?

Men eventually stumble over the truth, said Winston Churchill.  The Government is not helping the people in the Gulf.  Evidence is mounting, even on camera which suggests the explosion on the Deep Water Horizon explosion and oil spill were all done on purpose.  People can die from the lethal chemicals that are being sprayed on the ocean, as they mix with V O C's and gasses from the oil.

Matt Smith – Film Maker

Wed July 14, 2010 

 Subject; People are in Denial in the Gulf – asleep to the truth  10min Gulf Area Clip

This 10 minute U-tube (radio interview) from the Gulf area is giving us the unvarnished truth about what we might expect as a country. Those in the states near the Gulf of Mexico should already have their evacuation plans in place. The current problem seems to be the slow, invisable , unsmellable , poisonous gassing of the population. Here is the LINK on this conversation made on July 11th. Mountain man

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2 Responses to “Sleepers in the Gulf – Evacuate Now”

  1. laura m. says:

    FEMA can’t evacuate even one city (New Orleans and Katrina). They couldn’t even find their butt with a chinese butt finder. Individuals may leave and move elsewhere, otherwise folks will stay there with no work, total despair and a hopeless future.

    • RJ says:

      I hear that FEMA may have no money to operate with.

      Since all of their bonds were arrested, they may not be able to Get Up and Go.

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