BP – Blocking Reporters in the Gulf

A whole lot of Double Speak is going on by BP in the Gulf area.  Doug Suttles, BP's Chief Operating Officer continues to say that the reports are untrue, that claim BP cleanup workers are off limits to the media.

BP is blocking media access to the Gulf.  Watch yourself, as this camera crew and reporter are turned away by BP Security Officers and Cleanup Workers in the Gulf.  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal organized a cleanup for the Oceans in his area and the U S Coast Guard intercepted the efforts.  The Coast Guard ordered the 16 vacuum barges back to their docks. 

Jim Scott 
Wed July 14, 2010
Subject BP Blocking the Media from the Gulf


Task force Members,
Below you will find 2 articles about the oil release disaster in the Gulf and proposed actions that can be taken.
I have not been able to on the last two webinars so I am not sure if the ideas contained in these articles have been discussed. If they have then you are aware of a possible route to bring to justice  the people who have destroyed Gulf of Mexico.
The ideas are presented by Alex Jones (love him or hate him)  and his staff. The action is to use the state and local grand jury system to bring those responsible for this to justice.
I realize that the founding principle of the group was to try to design solutions and NOT interact with the government. The ideas proposed here might not fit with that idea.
I have presented this information for your consideration and if you are interested in pursuing this route we might want to discuss it on the next webinar.
Jim Scott

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There can now be no doubt whatsoever that the BP oil spill was purposefully contrived, either through deliberate negligence or outright sabotage, and is now being used to further the Obama administration’s political agenda. Criminal investigations into the government and BP’s role in the disaster need to be launched by state authorities in Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi immediately, while local authorities also need to call emergency legislative sessions in order to take over emergency response efforts from the feds before the crisis gets much worse.

While BP CEO Tony Hayward is busy watching yacht races, Barack Obama, who took two vacations immediately after the oil spill, spends his time playing golf. If this disaster is on a par 9/11 as Obama claims then why is he fiddling while Rome burns? Every effort to find a solution to this crisis while cleaning up the mess has been lackluster and half-hearted. The federal government’s hyped rhetoric about how bad the consequences of this spill will be has not been matched with the appropriate action to combat the problem.

In hindsight, it’s becoming clear that the government has deliberately botched the response and prevented local authorities from doing their jobs, just as FEMA deliberately sabotaged the state response to Hurricane Katrina in order to make the crisis worse and create the pretext for a police state response, gun confiscation and ultimately more federal power.

Numerous reports have surfaced of locals and state authorities being prevented by BP contractors and the U.S. Coast Guard from helping to address the devastation the spill has created in the region.

“(Louisiana) Governor Bobby Jindal had ordered the state’s fleet of sixteen vacuum barges to clean up oil in the Louisiana marshes. On Wednesday, the U.S. Coast Guard intercepted the barges and ordered them to stop the cleanup. Ostensibly, the Coast Guard wanted to “inspect” the barges — but then it didn’t inspect them. It just ordered them back to dock and then did nothing,” reports Fort Liberty.

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Why did current CEO of BP Tony Hayward dump approximately one-third of his BP stocks before the oil crisis? Why did Goldman Sachs dump a hefty 44% of its BP stock prior to, particularly given that Peter Sutherland was formerly CEO of both BP and Goldman Sachs at the same time? What are the odds that former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s firm Halliburton would purchase a company which “focuses on oil spill prevention and blowout response,” just weeks before the so-called ‘biggest environmental crisis’ of all time would strike?


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