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It could be possible, you may never have to buy groceries again.  At check it out and you will see how to order a $200 voucher from Wal-Mart and they'll deliver your groceries to you.

Technology continues to change.  WalMart does deliver groceries.  When you buy a $200 voucher from WalMart then the voucher will be sent to you.  It would be smart to pay the $10 and get your own website too.  After you show 2 people how to get their $200 voucher and they get 2 who do the same thing then you get paid $300 in a VISA card and another $200 voucher. 

Robert Hender  " R J "

   Every week Technogy Surprises me, in our world today. 

   I recall reading my 4th grade " Weekly Reader, " when I was a munchkin and I saw an article where it suggested that some day we could carry our phone with us.  I thought how cool that would be, to walk and talk anywhere I could go.  Now phones do all kinds of things.  You can take a cellular phone anywhere.  Mobile phones can play videos, and record live activity like a movie cameria and they can send and receive e-mail. 

   Faster planes, computers that are everywhere, mobile phones that we take with us everywhere, GPS technology and many more of these innovations seem to make our lives easier.  I think that every one of these devices and technologies can be tools that keep us busier. 

   Some times, it still feels like we're rats on somebody's treadmill. 

   Somebody is profiting from all of this extra productivity, by us. 

   A couple of days ago a friend informed me about

   It looks to me like 5 stores are now organized to pay us back for shopping and for encouraging other people to shop.  There are many other stores to buy groceries from, but at this point Wal-Mart is a participating store with www.mpbtoday/morningliberty.

   It seems that Wal-Mart delivers.  You can purchase a $200 Wal-Mart voucher and then it is sent you by the mail and you can then order non-perishable groceries to be delivered by Wal-Mart.  Well, that is cool. 

   If you pay another $10 at  then you can get your own website too. 

   There are more surprises, too. 

   If you inform 2 people about how they can buy a $200 voucher and then pay $10 for their own website then after you have helped those 2 people help 2 more people to buy the $200 voucher then we get their own website then you get a commission.  Is that cool or what?.

   How about a $300 VISA card to spend where ever you like and a new $200 voucher.  Yeah, we get paid for showing other people to buy groceries, which folks are going to do any way. 

   At this point, you get placed in the loop again. 

   It may be possible that you won't have to pay for groceries, ever again. 

   At every point when 6 jump on board to participate in Buying a $200 Wal-Mart voucher and  $10 to get their own website then you get paid a $300 VISA card and another $200 voucher.   

   Check it out yourself at

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J

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