Nazi America – The Country Barry Soetoro Believes In

Since the early 1970's Americans have killed millions of people.  Hitler and his German troops killed millions of Poles, Slavs and Jews.  There are at least 17 similarities between Hitler's 3rd Reich and America.  If we don't learn from history then even we may be doomed to repeat it.  Both Hitler's Germany and America created terroristic pre-texts to pass new laws and launch attacks at other countries.

If we list the similarities between Hitler's Germany and America today we would find more parallels than differences. There are at least 17 strong similarities between Nazi Germany and America today.

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Subject: Top 17 Similarties Between Hitler's Germany and America Nazi Germany Vs. the United States 
Wed, 14 Jul 2010  

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Recently, some websites, writers, and news columnists have been making a startling accusation. They are comparing the America of 2010 to Nazi Germany.

I looked into the topic briefly and realized there aren't many well laid out examples/articles about this, so I decided to write one.

In the list below, each bold statement describes a similarity between the two countries. Underneath the bold statement is a brief example of each. Happy reading.

Both countries created terroristic pre-texts to pass law and launch pre-emptatrive wars:
1. The burning of the Reichstag Government building in Germany Was said to be done by German Forces. This quickly led to the passing of "the enabling Act" and “Decree on the Protection of People and State” which gave Germany and Hitler a pre-text to launch a pre-emptive war, while cutting back german civil liberties at the same time.
2. The 9/11 attacks against the United States in 2001 on the world trade centers were also considered to be inside jobs. These attacks led to the passing of "the patriot act" and "the homeland security act" which gave America a pre-text to launch a pre-emptive war, while cutting back American civil liberties at the same

Both countries have/had camps located throughout their borders ready to house millions of citizens.
1. Nazi Germany had concentration camps connected to railways throughout the country
2. America has FEMA camps connected to railways and ports throughout the country

They both invoked a terrifying internal/external enemy for it's citizens to fear.
1. After the Reichstag fire, Hitler delivered a speech in which he claimed to declare an all-out war on terrorism and its people. A people, he said, who traced their origins to the Middle East.
2. After the 9/11 attack on the United States, president Bush delivered a similar speech about some terrorist known only as Al Queda, a group who also traced it's origins to the Middle East.

Both countries created secret prisons used for torture.
1. Germany built Oranianberg, holding the first suspected allies of the so-called "terrorist."
2. America built Guantanamo bay, a prison holding suspected terrorist.

Both countries developed an outside military force
1. Germany developed Schutzstaffel
2. America has Blackwater

Both countries developed an internal security system
1. Germany had the Reichssicherheitshauptamt and Schutzstaffel
2. America has the CIA and FBI

New World Order


Both Countries controlled the press
1. In Nazi Germany, you were lucky to hear information outside of your own borders, and television was flooded with propaganda. 
2. In America, the press has been controlled for  years. (ex. BP oil spill) Over 80% of  the mainstream media is controlled by a few small groups. 

Both countries outlawed school prayer
1. Hitler outlawed school prayer in Germany

2. The US supreme court banned school prayer in 1963.

Both countries renamed and eliminated holidays and prayer days
 1. Hitler renamed the Christmas school holiday "Yuletide" and Eliminated the Easter school holiday
 2. America renamed the Christmas school holiday to "winter break" and the easter school holiday to "spring break."

Both countries practiced Environmentalism1. Hitler was an environmentalist.
2. America is embracing radical environmentalism and global warming hysteria.

Both countries murdered millions of people
1. Hitler killed  millions of Jews, Poles, Slavs and dissidents.
2. Americas rulers have killed millions of people since the early 1970's. (ex. Iraq, Vietnam, the list goes on)

Both countries enacted euthanasia practices
1. Hitler killed hundreds of thousands of citizens through active euthanasia.
2. Obama is implementing  universal health care, featuring active euthanasia. 

Both countries have tried to silence political and religious opinion
1. Hitler silenced pastors through the “abuse of pulpit” laws.
2. American “hate crime” legislation will criminalize preaching against homosexuality.

Both countries preach nihilism
1. Hitler believed in nihilism, which was the belief in which  life had no meaning. Hitler perverted the belief adding "in which  life had no meaning. apart from the state"
2. Fredrick Nietzsche is one of the most read authors on college campuses today. He is the principal founder of nihilism and postmodern thought.

Both countries promote Globalism
1. Hitler was a huge fan of globalism and wanted to rule the world.
2. American leaders are strongly promoting globalism and trying to push United Nations treaties through Congress.   

Both countries have ties to the eugenics movement
1. Hitler believed highly in the eugenics movement, which sought to eliminate ‘inferior’ races such as the "Jews."
2. In America, creationism is prohibited in public schools, only evolution is taught exclusively.

Both Countries were strong supporters of planned parenthood
1. Nazi doctors were acquainted with Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and proponent of eugenics.
2. Planned parenthood in America is a large and growing organization receiving millions of dollars yearly in federal aid programs. 

I hope you enjoyed the article and please subscribe to the feed. Feel free to leave a comment with any similarities I may have missed. Could the ever-growing list of similarities between Nazi Germany and America be a cause for concern?

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One Response to “Nazi America – The Country Barry Soetoro Believes In”

  1. Read with great interest your similarities between Hitler’s Germany and America today. In my new novel, Lebensborn, a story about a French girl caught in the trap of the SS to create a Master Race,
    I cover several of the ones you mention.
    As a former public relations specialist for two American Red Cross chapters, and for other entities,
    the most blatent is the Nazi’s extremely organized public relations plans: night parades, huge meetings with the same message over and over, some so crowded you could hardly get in, all society into groupings, mothers, would-be mothers (all to increase the population decimated by the First World War, etc.
    Glad to have your information for the many book talks I’ll be making.
    Although it’s a novel, this plan of Himmler’s to create a Master Race (and the use of eugenics), is spot on.
    Jo Ann Bender

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