Too Big To Fail – Banks That Launder Drug Money

Bank of America is offering Free Checking as a plan to lure new customers in.  In Utah, the Mormon Church helped save the Catholic Church.  Wachovia had a drug habit, as well as many of the Banks that Were Too Big to Fail.

A whistle blower claims that the Cap on BP's well in the Gulf is an outright lie.  According to Fishgrease the Well Integrity Test is a PR Stunt that the U S Government signed on to on Thursday, July 15th.  Fishgrease is an oil industry veteran with over 30yrs in the business.  Most likely, more BP Lies may defray the President's loss of popularity.

Dave Cleveland
Fri July 16, 2010
Subject; Too Big to Fail – Banks that Launder Drug Money – BP Well Cap is just a PR Stunt to save Obama's Popularity

De-classified Vietnam-era Transcripts Show Senators Knew Gulf Of Tonkin Was A Staged False Flag Event


The "Well Integrity Test" Is a Sham: "This Bet Is Against The Citizens Of The United States Of America Being Smart Enough To Figure Any Of This Out"

Thursday, July 15, 2010-Today, an oil and gas industry veteran with 30 years experience who goes by the alias Fishgrease says that the well integrity test is a PR stunt meant to fool the American people: Yesterday, Our Government bought in to BP's lies and maneuvering. Yesterday, Our Government approved the Integrity Test.

Four troubling things you didn’t know about financial reform
On its surface, the financial reform package looks tough on banks and Wall Street. Yet for individuals, the protections are much less pronounced and highly diluted. Granted, the massive, 2,300-page-plus Dodd-Frank bill may slow down some bank failures. It may even impede avaricious trading desks from tanking the global financial system. For average investors, though, it’s a pyrrhic victory at best. Here are four major problems.

Bank of America Offers Account That's Free If You Don't Visit Teller Again
Bloomberg–Bank of America Corp. has a novel way to lure more customers: Free checking accounts for folks who never again enter the bank. The bank, the largest in the U.S. by assets, is introducing an account on Aug. 6 that won’t include a monthly fee or minimum balance requirement unless the customer wants to use a teller or receive a monthly statement through the mail, said David Owen, a senior vice president for checking and debit at the Charlotte, North Carolina-based company. Visiting a branch to make a deposit will trigger an $8.95 fee per month, he said. Comment: This appears to be the first sign/move towards the cashless society.

Wachovia's Drug Habit
Bloomberg–The bank, now a unit of Wells Fargo, leads a list of firms that have moved dirty money for Mexico’s narcotics cartels–helping a $39 billion trade that has killed more than 22,000 people since 2006. Just before sunset on April 10, 2006, a DC-9 jet landed at the international airport in the port city of Ciudad del Carmen, 500 miles east of Mexico City. As soldiers on the ground approached the plane, the crew tried to shoo them away, saying there was a dangerous oil leak. So the troops grew suspicious and searched the jet. They found 128 black suitcases, packed with 5.7 tons of cocaine, valued at $100 million. The stash was supposed to have been delivered from Caracas to drug traffickers in Toluca, near Mexico City, Mexican prosecutors later found. Law enforcement officials also discovered something else. Comment: Note that Bank of America is one of the culprits involved in all of this.

Pentagon warns Congress: accounts running dry

The Pentagon said on Wednesday it may be forced to take extreme measures — like not paying salaries — if the Democratic-led Congress fails to pass a $37 billion defense spending bill before lawmakers begin an August recess.


America Stands of Precipice of Total Collapse
There can be little doubt that America, along with the west as a whole, is being set up for a total collapse in which life as we know it will be fundamentally altered and rebuilt around a collectivist model managed and controlled by the same criminals who engineered the crisis in the first place.

Big Pharma Nanotechnology Encoded Pills With Tracking Data That You Swallow
The emerging field of nanotechnology is currently gaining a lot of attention across many industries. Nanotechnology allows scientists to manipulate individual atoms and molecules to create unique materials and even micro-scale devices, and this is leading to a wide range of applications in clothing, textiles, electronics and even food and medicine.

Natural Compound in Broccoli and Brussels Spouts Halts Breast Cancer Cell Growth
Previous research has suggested cruciferous vegetables (which include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale and cabbage) have potent cancer-fighting properties. For example, there's evidence broccoli sprouts can stop the colonization of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a type of bacteria believed to trigger cases of stomach cancer as well as many ulcers

Upcoming False Flag? Put Options Placed On Energy Companies

July 15, 2010–Just as the three days before 9/11 there was unusual amounts of trading going on with American Airlines (goldmansucks) we are seeing the same type of action this time with power companies. This as Obama suporters say an act of terrorism is the only thing that will save him.

Biggest expansion of government power over banking, markets since Depression

July 16, 2010 — WASHINGTON—Congress approved a rewrite of rules touching every corner of finance, from ATM cards to Wall Street traders, in the biggest expansion of government power over banking and markets since the Depression.

Charles Nenner: “Long-Term Investors Should Wait Until Dow Hits 5,000″

Charles Nenner, who prior to founding the Charles Nenner Research Institute served as a technical analyst for Goldman for about 10 years, has been looking at charts and not seeing much to write home about.

22 Statistics That Prove The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America

Sweden Bans Home-schooling, Religious Instruction July 15, 2010 | New American

President Obama's new Middle East course has promise

An Attack on Iran: Back on the Table July 15, 2010 | Time

EU reaches out for new powers at United Nations

The EU currently has only observer status at the UN. Its delegates do not sit among the UN member states, but off to the side, along with entities such as the Vatican, the Red Cross and the Arab League

Back in October 2007, when the Tories were still in opposition and the Lisbon Treaty was just about to be signed off by EU countries, Mr Hague had warned that Lisbon would ultimately lead to an EU "takeover" of Britain's permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Mr Hague said at the time: "The new treaty, like the old, could automatically let the EU foreign minister speak for Britain at the UN security Council in certain situations.

"This is clearly the thin end of the wedge for an EU takeover of our only seat. Given that our independent vote at the EU is now coming under threat, the case for letting people have their final say in the referendum [on the Lisbon Treaty] they were promised is now unanswerable."

Cap-and-Trade Will Be Part of Senate Climate Change Bill July 14, 2010 | Politics Daily

Ex-prosecutor: Obama's Kenyan activities may be 'criminal'McCarthy says Obama's foreign dealings as senator possibly illegal

LDS Church shares faith's message in ‘revolutionary' new way (N.W.O.)

He does PR for a UN foundation. She's a global public health advocate. He speaks French, Italian, Spanish, Armenian and English. Her work helps people in 35 countries. He's illustrious. She's unstoppable. They have 3 kids. Their life is crazy, and they love it.

How the Mormons saved the (Catholic) Irish in SLC


The story has been retold many times of how the Irish saved civilization, the Catholic monks copying the classic Christian and pagan texts and keeping them safe on their island while barbaric tribes destroyed most of Europe’s records after the fall of Rome.

But in Utah, we have the story of the Mormons saving the Irish culture.

With the Pioneer Day Parade coming up next weekend, and pre-parade events scheduled throughout the week, it is timely to note that the Irish almost had to scrub their annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in Salt Lake City this year until the LDS Church intervened.

Mayor Ralph Becker had decided that organizations holding large public events should pay a fee to cover the costs of the police security and traffic control needed for those events. The $10,000 or so that it was going to cost the Hibernian Society to put on their popular parade honoring both Irish and Catholic traditions seemed doomed. And Hibernian complaints to the city didn’t seem to do much good.

But the fee would also impact the 24th of July parade, which honors the arrival of the Mormon pioneers in 1847. Because of the size of that parade, the fee was going to be tens of thousands of dollars.

Promoters of the LDS-themed parade, however, were able to show precedents involving St. Patrick Day parades in other parts of the country that held the parades were a form of free speech.

The fee plan was scrapped not only for the Pioneer Day parade but also for the Irish one as well, and the bands, and the bagpipes, played on



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