BP Corexit Lies – A Cleanup Worker Dies

Someone from BP and/or from the Obama Administration decided to use Corexit in order to hide how bad the Oil Spill was in the Gulf.  They do know how deadly Torexit is and you will see Oil Cleanup Workers die from breathing in Corexit on the beaches and near the beaches.

More than 1.72 gallons of Corexit have been sprayed or released in the ocean by BP and the Coast Guard.  Americans have been told that Croexit is a dispersant, that may help control the oil.  MNSBC is 1 of the National Media sources that has been warning BP and President Obama about the dangers to Cleanup Workers of Corexit.  Accoring to EPA officials over 20% of the 47,000 Oil Spill Workers in the Gulf will die because BP decided to use Corexit.

John in the Gulf  
Subject: Corexit is PR for BP – Corexit will be Lethal to over 20% of BP Oil Cleanup Workers
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010

Here are 2 Video Clips – Oil Still Leaking from the Ocean Floor – MSNBC on Corexit and the Death of Cleanup Crews .

 BP Live feeds for 07/16/10 5:21am EST. During stress test. Seabed leaking oil and gas?
YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Corexit is a product line of solvents primarily used as a dispersant for breaking up oil slicks. It is produced by Nalco Holding Company which is associated with BP . Corexit 9500, four times more toxic than crude oil, is one of the most poisonous dispersants ever developed, and is up to 20 times more toxic than other dispersants, and only half as effective.

When Corexit 9500, with its 2.61 ppm toxicity level, is combined with the warm waters of the Gulf much of it will transition into a gaseous state that will be absorbed into clouds, to be released as toxic rain upon all of the Eastern United States

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