Gulf Stream Syndrome – America is Guilty

BP has lied repeatedly about what truly is occurring in the Gulf of Mexico with the Oil Disaster.  The soup of Corexit, Methane, V O C's, Benzine, Uranium and other lethal chemicals are already killing millions of fish in the sea and will be killing people. 

Americans are worshiping idols and demons that oppose God.  In Revelations 9:18 it warns of angels that are releasing new plagues of fire and smoke and brimstone.  About 1/3 of them will die and the other 2/3 of mankind may not repent.  Murders, Sorceries, Theft and Lucifer Worshiping has stained America and has brought the wrath of the Almighty against America.  Every knee must bow and confess that Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

Nathan Leal 
Mon  July 19, 2010 
Subject; The Demise of America – Independence Lost   


Latest Watchman's Cry Message by Nathan Leal
Message 154: The Demise of America – Understanding the Times!

Independence Lost – A Dramatic Narrative

Topics in this audio:

1. Independence Lost – Uncle Sam has Fallen ill!
2. Gulf Spill Syndrome – The New Plague!
3. Finding True Repentance
4. Sermon:The Tools of Spiritual Understanding!

Meat for the Remnant!

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Nathan Leal – The Watchman's Cry

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