Hitler Babies – Lebensborn Program

There are many details of Hitler's Fascist crimes against humanity.  Did you know that Hitler celebrations included the blood of martyrs that were smeared on flags and passed around parades?

Author Jo Ann Bender dares to unveil a few of Hitler's secrets.  Many Germans are not aware of over 20 Maternity Homes, that Hitler organized in 7 countries, to Help Breed the Master Race.  The world later saw these Hitler Babies as illegitimate children.  The Lebensborn Program also kidnapped perfect Aryan-Looking babies to bring back to childless German couples.  

 Jo Ann Bender

Sun  July 18, 2010

Subject;  Hitler Babies – the Secret Lebensborn Program


   Both Fascist Countries control the press, one hundred percent in Hitler's Germany and perhaps eighty percent now in the U.S.  Both countries also use public relations techniques, the media just one of the many.

In your mind when you think back to the WWII years, one of the first things you’ll probably remember is a photograph of the huge crowds lining German streets for a night parade, a big meeting hall filled to capacity with a tiny, angry person up on a podium yelling into a microphone, or, a group of children in uniform.

There were rituals: the Heil Hitler greeting, the banners, stained by the blood of the first martyrs and passed along in ritual to other banners to be carried.

Everyone and everything became organized, given a responsibility and a set role. The German military, officers and soldiers alike, had the biggest array of uniforms and

medals the world had ever seen, which may be looked at as a masterful public relations ploy.

Plans were made to overcome Germany’s deficiencies. One such registered program was known as Lebensborn. At its conclusion, it had a string of over twenty maternity homes in seven countries sparkling with women of quality preparing to have a child for the Fuhrer’s Master Race. All secret and strictly off-limits to the communities in which the home or orphanage existed.

The program also kidnapped perfect-Aryan-appearing children from other

countries to bring back to childless German couples.

The major reason for Lebensborn was that Germany’s birth rate was in decline.

There were few men left after WWI. The rise of abortions to almost eight hundred thousand in one year was alarming. Who would defend the nation?

When I was writing Lebensborn, a novel just published about a French girl caught in the trap of the SS to create their Master Race, few facts about the Lebensborn programs were known. As the Allies advanced, records were destroyed at the main Lebensborn headquarters in Munich.

The stigma of illegitimate birth kept the parent(s) identity secret. Few Germans even today, are aware of the Lebensborn program.

That may soon change as more of these innocent children born in Lebensborn homes or snatched from their rightful home and put into an orphanage appear in a courtroom to tell their story and fight for compensation.

These “war children” tell heart-wrenching stories of growing up taunted, shunned, or physically abused by vengeful neighbors, teachers or other members of their local community. State doctors, psychologists, church officials and bureaucrats branded them as everything from mentally retarded to harboring dangerous genes because of their parentage.

Many were sent to institutions. Others had to fend for themselves. Most say that their lives have been ruined and they still suffer for the deeds of their parents, because their fathers were viewed as the enemy and their mothers as traitors.

It is good thing that the heroine’s decision to go along with the SS officer who commandeered her home and her virginity in order to learn their secrets for the Resistance was able to spend her adult life in South America, not France.

Lebensborn is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or by request at your library. ISBN: 978-1-60911-450-3

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