Restore America Plan – Restoring the Foundations of America – 2 hour interview

Kelby Smith and C W have observed the Hand of God mold and shape their lives, preparing them for involvement to Rescue America from the brink of collapse.  Under the direction of Corporations and the people who own them, America has been driven to the very point of destruction.

Wednesday morning July 21st Kelby Smith and C W announced on the Morning Liberty Radio Program with " R J, " that the RAP Juries have voted to support an Interim Government, or Provisional Government in America.  We have a responsibility to alter Government.  Aspects of Government in America need repair and restoration. 

Robert Hender " R J "

Wed  July 21, 2010 

Sub; Rescuing America – Provisional Government Approved by the R A P Juries    Kelby Smith – C W – R J  Interview below


   If America falls apart and crashes then the rest of the world will follow. 

   In America people now get to choose whether we Shall Be a Christian Nation or not.  Men and Women in all 50 Republics have been asked to support a temporary " Provisional Government, " where the foundations of this Godly Nation can be restored. 

   It has been reported that more than 160 Members of Congress have been steaking " the People's, "  money.  For too long Ego, Fraud, Power Abuse and Greed have been behind the Corporate policies of the players in D C. 

   Before 1868 America was a different kind of country.  Inch by inch and mile by mile our Liberties have been Torn to Shreds.  Between 1868 and 1944 the De Jure and the De Facto aspects of Government in America operated side by side.  By Design, our families and our country have been pillaged until the Enemies of America believe we no longer have a Claim Upon our Country or our Rights. 

   We can continue and watch America and it's planned destruction or we can step in and exercise our Liberty, given to us by God and Rescue this Country.  We have the right and a Responsibility to Step In and do so. 

   In America, a few things need to be changed. 

   We don't need to start from scratch. 

   The End of the World has now arrived for the people who have been working to destroy our country and our liberties. 

   The New Beginning has now arrived for Liberty and Abundance. 

   I had a vision, as many Americans are being shown…  What I was shown was a handful of men, who are ready like careful doctors in surgery who would step in and remove the cancer in our country.  These few men were willing to do the surgery, as long as they knew they were surrounded by Good People, behind them.  These Men of God may be risking their lives to perform the work that must be done for America.  On the 31st of January the Call Went Forth by Sam Kennedy on the Republic Broadcasting Network " RBN, "  calling for Americans to Stand With Them for Liberty. 

   In America at least 50 bodies of New Founding Fathers and New Founding Mothers are standing in the gap for America. 

   The Thieves and Fraud Mongers must now pack their bags.  Your day of reckoning is coming, very soon. 

   Jesus is the bearer of the Light in America. 

   De Facto is Now Done. 

   This Handful of Men, who have been quietly doing the needed cancer surgery for America do not stand alone. 

   Every American now can decide whether he will continue to stand with the Corporation Thugs or with Freedom and Liberty.

   Barry Soetoro aka President Obama, you have no Standing as President.  You may have a Corporate Office, but you already know that your allegiance is to Kenya. 

   People in Countries all over the world have been watching America, wondering what kind of America have we become. 

   Our children, who aren't even born yet, are looking down upon us and pondering whether they may Live in a Land of the Free, because of the Brave or if they will be born as property and live as slaves for their entire lives. 

   This burden now rests upon our shoulders. 

   This isn't the burden of Obama, but of you and me. 

   Shall we continue on as slaves?  Shall we be free?

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   7am – 9am  Central Time


Morning Liberty Program, Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Listen to Hour 1
Listen to Hour 2

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22 Responses to “Restore America Plan – Restoring the Foundations of America – 2 hour interview”

  1. Pete says:

    Talk is cheap. Give us ONE example that this plan is actually making a change/difference.

  2. Tony says:

    RAP is just a wish list.

    It is just another project of long duration that has no teeth to it at present. If it had the backing of the Military, it would have been done and overwith already.

    This subculture of narrow minded christian preachiness intermingled with patriotic ferver has always given me the creeps. I dont mind patriotism, but people who claim god tells them things is a bit scary.

    If RAP is real and as big as they say, then LET’s SEE THE MILITARY ROLL TANKS ON THE WHITE HOUSE AND GET IT OVER WITH.

    Stop the talk. Let’s see it.

  3. Ive Hadenough says:

    Dear Pete,
    You say talk is cheap? Had you done any research and followup on the Restore America Plan, you would not have posted your statement…talk is cheap isn’t it Pete?
    The Restore America Plan has been completed. Brave men and women risked their lives FOR YOU PETE and everyone else in this great nation to take it back from the criminals. Pay attention Pete, good news will be released to the public very, very soon. Educate yourself and Support the newly restored REPUBLIC Pete, or buy a one way ticket to Russia. God Bless ya.

  4. Steve Weber says:

    Let the people rejoice, let the people have faith. Let our lord Jesus Christ guide us all in this plan to take back the freedoms that were given freely through the blood of Jesus Christ and the blood of our fore fathers. Have faith that these men and women are working for the better consciousness of mankind. Thankyou, Restore America folks, there are a lot of Americans out here to stand next to you.

  5. Johnny O says:

    I wish it were true but Tim Turner believes Hawaii had a republic. What hapenned to Hawaii was a violation of its Treaties which was a grose unprovoked violation by the united States and a theft under gods laws. The Hawaii republic was and still is a corporation. So in all the facts Tim and his group are supporting more corporations, and violating contracts with god. I see a greedy atempt to control in his own way by using god and a de jure government, if he was pono (honest with all things) he would be advocating for native americans and others who have a REAL vested intrest in land and property. Obviosly nothing in this world will or can be rite until inequity and real honest men and woemen step forward and speak with knowledgable truth about equal rites and justice.Tim and his grand jurrors have already been indicted in Hawaii for fraud and violation and Treason of thier own bill of rites and constitution, as well as Treaty violations and crimes against a friendly nation of ko hawaii pae Aina, which is the government of Hawaii.In very simple terms tim Has assumed the debt and liability for theft and treason.

  6. Tim Clanton says:

    Well, i have seen toooo much negitivism. For those of you negitive talkers, ask your self this question;
    What are YOU doing to help get this (bloody) situation cleaned up? Oh yes “Many Americans” and folk around the World” are dead in their graves, because of Corporate Madness..RAP is doing fine. You nay sayers may as well to get out of the way and let us move forward with this, since your sitting on the bench, you may as well watch, as all spectators do.

  7. Pete says:

    Dear Ive,

    I’ve followed the plan since before its implementation. I listened to Sam Kennedy regularly and was very excited about the plan. I sent my name is as someone who was on board as soon as the original website allowed me to do so. As far as doing research and followup go, please enlighten me regarding the process to do so. I have been to the original as well as the new website and see no real changes from their inception making true research rather difficult. What I HAVE heard is a lot of talk about the immense need for secrecy hence the reason everyone is being kept in the dark regarding anything of merit taking place. Kind of makes it difficult to research, don’t you think? Hence my original statement regarding talk being cheap. There hasn’t been a shred of concrete proof that this plan has done anything other than garner the ire of the FBI.

    If the plan has the backing of 70 countries and has trillions in funding, I find it difficult to believe there isn’t at least one small shred of evidence that the plan is moving forward. Maybe that evidence exists and is being withheld?

    My education is quite sufficient and I have no intentions of going to Russia. Save the snide comments for the easily duped – of which there are no shortage.

    • Positively says:

      If you would pay closer attention, and be patient, hopeful and positive, you would hear and
      see the enormous changes, and things that are happening. It is a big ship, and it does’t turn on a dime. Be glad that things are happening quietly and behind the scenes. I find it amazing
      and sooo intelligent that this is being done (so far) without war or bloodshed. This is a quiet, yet powerful and profound and intelligent revolution. Sit tight, and be positive and supportive.

  8. Mark says:

    I am a Christian, But we can offend people when we push religious verbage on others. Context is extremely important and eveything spoken on this audio that referenced the bible was out of context. $10,000 reward to anyone who can find the word Rapture in the bible. Double that amount for the word purgatory. All this religiosity makes many lose faith in RAP. PS… Rev. is not plural so when you say you have studied the bible for years it makes me question everything.

  9. When you read this statement and it rings true to you, then you have already drunk the cool aid and are on the verge of dying…There are two class of people in this Country, there are those that the law fails to restrain and then there are those that the Law fails to protect … It is implied that you have given up on the the Rule of Law ..the Constitution and even more sadly on yourself! Folks who are awake of all the horrors that are being pushed on us as a people and as individual know that it is not just the Law that is being assaulted!

    Do you think of yourself as a spiritual being having a physical experience or a physical being having a physical experience? If you are the later..good luck. For Spiritual Being it’s time to change this physical reality being pushed on you! It’s your soul that is the target of this assault on the world. Just think about it, the elite own everything else so what else could it be. Your soul must be very valuable and I propose also very powerful! Powerful enough to stop the elite’s plan for a One World Government.

    Spiritual beings having a physical experience wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The long walk to Freedom with a strong and generous spirit has refused to be broken under the most trying circumstances–a spirit in which just about everybody can find something to admire.. we must and will restore our inalienable rights and create a life on this world worth living. At the core the life of the soul is LOVE but it’s destruction is fear. When we show fear and live in fear our soul becomes the source food empowering the One World Government. We are being joined by many millions worldwide that are awaking up to the many lies and are here to resist. Those who are waking-up have the purpose and courage to fight this evil, forgive it and build a new time line or world. Don’t look for a miracle from the heavens, we are that miracle. When it comes you will recognize it and they will recognize you as in the service of our people not in the service of self. For now the deception is the pushing fast for a One World Government. Meditate, quiet your mind for you are a spirit being having a physical experience.

    I started this article by high lighting the status quo of the failings of the Law. Well, I propose that we start there. The Courts are one of the seats of corruption and we can take it back. It is their Achilles Heel, a realm where we can win! It won’t be easy but it is do-able.

    Forward these words to your friends and add your own thoughts to them if you are moved. Let’s find like minded souls and help each other. This is the time and our time is limited so it is not to be wasted …the push for enslavement has accelerated and we need to do the same!

  10. duffy says:

    You can stay in the de facto Corporate US Gov…. or you can leave it and become a member of the Restore America Plan. You do not have to consent (usually by deceit and lies) to rule by the corporation. The corporation is lower than you, the real man or woman. You can become free of it and all the filth it represents. But you will have to have and embody courage and the will to confront the corporatist hegemonists, the rapacious corporate empire that is, along with those who work knowingly for it, the essence of evil in this world.

  11. duffy says:

    However, a caveat. RAP will have to broaden its perspective and its understanding of all men and women of good heart and spiritual goodness and accept such without regard to religious orientation – if it intends to gain the support of sufficient people. Few would support a theocracy. Most would support a government that accepted people based upon their commitment to the good rather than upon their religious orientations. That INCLUDES Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Budhists, Toaists, others who are among those who seek the good and loving spirit between peoples and support the Republic. Creating fractions and dissent between good people is what the minions of the new world order have emphasized….. to divide and conquer the people and their unity in support of the Republic. RAP cannot be just for Christians and America represents all people. And it cannot in any sense further the efforts of the elites to divide us. Exclusionary beliefs and, even more so, exclusionary policy cannot be associated with RAP if it is to succeed.

  12. Ronald Barnes says:

    A few days ago late in the evening I got a mailing on RAP and opened a link with 6 or 7 10 minute continuous video’s of Tim Turner giving a seminar, being late after watching 4 of them I decided to go to bed and wait till morning to watch the rest of them. I could not find that link the next morning, I am still baffeled as to what happened to the link. It also said that there was 15 hours of Tim on DVD’s that I was intending to look into but couldn’t. If there is, some one must know about them they may shed a little more light on the program. Ron Barnes

  13. John says:

    I wish that the moderator would SHUT UP and let the RAP leaders speak and reveal info to us. LET THEM SPEAK AND DO NO INTERRUPT THEM…PLEASE!

    • RJ says:

      Yeah, you are right.

      God gave each of us 2 ears and 1 mouth.

      Pieces of the Truth are now being given out by R A P leaders. Both of these men – Kelby and C W – are involved too.

      Before this interview, I had the chance to travel and spend some time face to face with Tim Turner. As i stepped in to the conversation – it was because I had important aspects to bring up during the conversation.

      Many Talk Show people spend 2 hours spouting off. On my Program I interview people every day. Along the way I have convictions of my own too.

  14. Sgt Jeffery Humphrey says:

    To Robert Hender Jr. and all Christian Nationalists:

    Before I make my statement and stand on the principles provided to me by my creator I would like to provide information that is seemingly lost, forgotten, or ignored by the Christian Nationalist and Restore America Plan proponents;

    1: In accordance with Article II Section 2 Clause 2 of the United States Constitution ratified 21 June 1788 allows the duly elected president of the United States , under the advice and consent of the Senate, to enter into and ratify Treaties with foreign nations and said treaties would hold the same weight as the law of the land.

    2: According to the Treaty of Tripoli, communicated to the Senate 26 May 1797 and signed by John Adams, as is stated in Article 11 of said Treaty that “As is the Government of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”.

    That being said I will now convey my opinion and my stand; and that being the stand of multiple citizens residing within the boarders of the United states of America with differing faith, philosophies, opinions and of varying backgrounds, races, and professions.

    We who have spoken softly in the past to maintain a peace within our communities see the same problems arising within our country as you and stand with you on the principle of liberty and freedom. We have sought a different path then you in limiting the action of the Federal government, and sometimes even the state government, in that we act solely within our own communities building and striving for a more perfect union within our families, neighbors, and fellow country men demagnitizing the need for the government to be involved in any form on the local level.Many interfaith communities have risen in the past few years due for the need of a local support channel, one that RAP has seemed to forgotten about in their push for power.

    We will remain softly spoken and working for a more perfect union based on the philosophies of the Renascence and the Age of Reason and the right of self governance either with a God or Gods, or none at all as long as the common courtesy of respect is given to all equally.

    So no this, as long as no one is forced to take your opinion or faith we shall equally help build a more perfect union, but if the need to form a new government comes and the one that is forced upon us that of a Dominate Christian Government contrary to the obvious secular one established in 1788 and that only Christians, and those Christians with a very specific dogmatic belief being the focus, are allowed to wield the power of the state we will be set at variance and that government will be short lived.

    If it comes to pass that the government you seek is that of the one described above and by you and your guests statements of Christian Nation slant I and those who stand with me will act upon our oaths we took in defense of the current constitution. That being defending it from all enemies foreign and domestic to secure tranquility for the citizenry and promote the common good.

    Yours in Peace:

    Sgt. Jeffery Humphrey (Honorably Discharged)
    U.S. Army Infantry (1998-2005)
    Purple Heart Recipient

    • RJ says:

      Thank you for your comments.

      My father served in the Coast Guard. I was forced to be packed around by my father from here to there, again and again and again.

      I came to love and appreciate people who are diffeent than me.

      I believe that the Rights, under the Declaration of Independence, belong to All Mankind.

      The Constitution was meant to chain Government servants down to a set of rules. People who serve in all 3 Branches of this Government violate those rules over and over again.

      Corporations and the Actors who Manipulate them have done untold harm to My Country, your country.

      As R A P moves forward my Prayer and my Hope and my Life may be spent to Remove the Cancer in the existing systems and replace that sickness with Sound People and Sound Foundations for our country.

      This responsibility now rests upon our shoulders.

  15. Mark says:

    Many claim God is behind RAP. I do not see anything in the bible that says God wants us to live in freedom. God does say through Moses, “Let my people go.” But, I see nothing in Jesus ministry to suggest it is God’s will for us to have physical freedom.
    The people of Jerusalem were inslaved in Jesus day much like today. Many today think it was the Romans of then that hold the world captive today. The people who called for Jesus to die had a belief that the Christ would rise from the dead and conquer the Romans setting the Jews free (Matt. 16:13-14 and Acts 2:27-29). Jesus wept for His people to be free, but He was focused on their spiritual freedom not physical freedom (Luke 19: 41-ff). You see, shortly after Jesus finished setting us free Jersusalem was wiped out and millions were killed.
    I have hope for RAP, but it is evident to me God wants us to humble out and turn to Him in our hearts. He wants us to care for others and to understand why He sent His Son.
    I fear we portray God wants us to be free from the Fed’s. When I read about God I see God did nothing to free His people from “the Fed’s” 2000 years ago.
    God’s will??? I think God allowed us to be in the situation because of ourselves and He wants us to turn to Him. Not to be saved from the Fed’s, but from sin.
    I think we sound much like the people who voted for Barabas. They wanted a leader to fight against the Romans. Read your history (Bible).
    I feel when we pridefully quote the bible out of context or say God is behind us or say what God’s will is we look just like those who called for Jesus death. We can’t disrespect the Words of God inorder to support what we want it to say. When we say God is with or behind RAP I think we join Christianity into something God may not care too much about.
    When Constantine joined the State and the Church it destroyed the church because it pushed a bunch of lukewarm, religious, hypocrates that took God’s word out of context into the church.
    Personally I think God has a much bigger subject He wants us to see. I am sorry if I offended anyone. It is how I see it. markryan1961

  16. Gina says:

    Why bring up the abortion issue? Yes, we women WILL face Got, and we will say that all those MEN who continually CONDEMN women to “damnation” are EXACTLY the ones who are peodophiles, rapists, and who impregnate numerous women and walk away laughing, leaving all these millions of women to RAISE these SAME men’s children ALONE.

    I don’t see an organization of MEN “anywhere” on the face of the earth taking “in” or caring for all these children they happily created, then walked away. YOU WILL FACE THE CREATOR YOURSELF AND HAVE TO ANSWER FOR SMEARING MILLIONS OF WOMEN WHO YOU “USED” FOR SEXUAL PLEASURE, THEN SHIRKED YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR AT LEAST 20 YRS OF THE CHILD’S LIFE. NOW…..which SIN is the GREATEST?

    • RJ says:

      There is not 1 side in this issue.

      Many issues are wrapped up in the Abortion option.

      Too often, without a thought for the unborn, children are being killed by their mothers.

      Passing the blame around on this issue, accomplishes nothing.

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