Robot Teachers – NWO Schools

Some teachers simply operate by Garbage In and Garbage Out.  The New World Order agenda is already taught in the schools.  Now scientists think they can improve education in elementary schools with Robots. 

In the classroom would a robot have qualities, as an assistant teacher, that a regular live teacher would not?  Reporter Benedict Carey says, South Korea is about to place over 8,000 robots in to their elementary schools.  Georgia Tech and University of California San Diego research is now going on to see how a Robot Assistant Teacher may improve the learning environment in the classroom.

Benedict Carey 
Sun  July 18, 2010 
Subject; Robot Teaching – Yew York Times


This is getting a bit ridiculous.  It’s bad enough to teach explicit sexual behaviour to our children in public schools, but to substitute teachers with machines is a bit inhuman, and inhumane.  I would have lost it, not my lunch, if one of these robots lurched at me.


Sometimes we just need to say NO!  This won’t happen to my grandchildren, guaranteed.

Of course, this is part of the NWO / New World Agenda to socialize everything, and do away with teachers’ salaries.

The government can learn to live without.  Visit:  & join to become active in eliminating the government and reduce our bureaucrat population, in lieu of our human citizen population through genocide.  Yes, this is what is proposed & happening.

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