War by Design – TPTB Betrayal and Treason

Before the Japanese Planes attacked Pearl Harbor President Roosevelt knew they were coming.  Woodrow Wilson said he oposed war, but he was behind WW1.  Richard Nixon knew that War Supplies to Russia were being supplied by U S A companies.

Over 50% of American Casualties during the Viet Nam War came from land mines.  The landmine technology and equipment were supplied to the enemy, by American Companies. The Export Control Act of 1949 required that America would never offer Aid or Comfort to America's Enemy.  Every war that America has been in was planned, funded and implemented by people in the White House and by people who intend to Destroy America.  The Presidents are aware of these facts.

Robert Hender  " R J "  

Tue  July 20, 2010 

Subject;  America's Betrayal and Treason – War by Design   2 hour Radio Interview with Ralph Epperson & R J  below 


Morning Liberty Program – Tuesday July 20, 2010
Listen to Hour 1
Listen to Hour 2

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