Top 15 CFR Media Monsters – Turn Them Off

Hiding their Lies in plain sight is a strategy the CFR has been using to get under our skin, into our heads.  The CFR uses the same tactic to hide their truths.  Ron Paul publicly disclosed many of the CFR truths, during his campaign for President.

As early as 1917 J P Morgan and Warburg and Rockefeller selected 12 Manor News Managers to acquire and dictate policy through America's 25 Greatest Newspapers.  The CFR has worked to create a Global System for Financial Control in their Private Hands.  CFR editors and journalists are in place all over America, making sure that Americans are informed on What They Want Us To Know. 

Sun  July 18, 2010
Subject; What They Want Us To Know – CFR Mind Control of Americans – clip

 The CFR (Committee on Foreign Relations) is the U.S. equilvelent of the Royal Institute of International Affairs from the U.K., or in other words the good old by club of "they" who "suggest" policy for their countries that almost always just happens to be implemented! They are part of the "Secret Combinations" or "Gadianton Robbers" of our day!

This is a great explanation about how the marrigae of the news media and the Government works thanks to the Council on Foreign Relations.  We do not have a free press, but a lapdog press!



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there is nothing in this world upon which
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