Culling the Gulf States Herd – Gulf Disaster by Design

Evergreen Air is a CIA front Company that has been spraying the millions of gallons of Corexit into the Gulf of Mexico.  BP, Haliburton and other Conspirators knew it was going to blow, the Deep Water Horizon platform site. 

Somebody has been tampering with the Video Stream from the BP Deepwater Horizon wellhead in the Gulf.  Sulpher and Iron appear like a flame, together.  The Rothschild Crime Families and their Soldiers are culling the herd in the Gulf States area.  People in the Gulf will be dying off like flies.  Whistleblower Sharky734 gives more intimate details about this planned False Flag Tar Volcano in the Gulf.

July 24, 2010
Subject; BP Asphault Volvano, by Design  –  Corexit Culling of the Gulf States Herd  –  False Flag BP Oil Disaster


BREAKING NEWS! IT'S A LIE!  True story of the Oil spill
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