Illuminati/Jesuits Wars – Brzezinski In Charge

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We are getting pieces of the truth along with lies from Hillary Clinton and the other N W O soldiers.  Where are they getting their direct orders from?  These are important questions that need to be answered. 

Brzezinski met with the Muhjadeen to encourage and fund their terrorist efforts before Al Qaeda was ever organized.  Col House ran things in the White House several decades ago.  Kissinger has been giving orders to the President and the White House.  Now it's Brzezenski that prepared Barry Soetoro to be the President and he's the BMOC around the world. 

Tom Gambill 
July 24, 2010 
Subject; It is Easier to Kill a Million People…  …than to Control ThemOil Disaster in the Gulf by Design


Hillary Clinton: 'Principle Terrorist Threat to U.S. Emanates From Pakistan' (For $1.5 Billion a Year)


Hillary Clinton Admits the US formed the Islamic Muhjadeen, forerunner of Al Qaeda.    She lies about it becoming a blow back situation; however.   Once we provoked the Russians to respond to Afghanistan we also sent 10,000 Muhjadeen to Croatia and Bosnia to also provoke Milosevic and the Serbs to start cleansing the Serbs.     We along with the European powers started both wars to gain a foothold for the Illuminati/Jesuits.  In addition, Clinton lies about Bin Laden being alive.
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Bin Laden

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Obama's boss is Brzezinski and he was also Carter's boss.

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this should give you warm fuzzies

Brzezinski: "Its easier to kill a million people…than it is to control them" towards the end of the tape. 6:30 minutes

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