Barney Frank – Mouse in the Whitehouse

Barney Frank has issues, afraid of Larouche and his people.  Barney Frank things we need Derivatives because we truly don't know the value of paper.  This audio clip may surprise you.

Credit Default Swaps are needed, according to Greenspan and Barney Frank.  These false, fraud instruments are destroying the foundations of our Financial System.  Innovation for Financial Instruments are required, as a measure for more clever Theft by Politicians.  Wall Street Swindlers and Crooked Politicians are destroying America.

Harley Schlanger
July 21, 2010
Subject; Ethics Abuse by Barney Frank – It's About Time – Liars in Congress – Audio Clip with Harley Schlanger

This is a link to a recent LPAC-TV interview of Harley. Also look at the "Daily Reports" on for news updates.

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