Restore America Plan – 30 Things to Expect

At this point, the Official Press Release from R A P has not been announced.  The people at Panama Legal have been doing an okay job of gathering the evidence that supports the authority behind De Jure Grand Juries and their right to assemble and assert themselves as " the people. " 

Some of the systems we thought we could count on are in a meltdown.  Politicians and TPTB have been lying to and stealing from Americans for too long.  The sink can not be thrown out with the water.  There are aspects of the old corrupt system that must go.  A new system of banking and liberty is on it's way. 

Manny of Panama Legal   
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 10:04:46 -0600
Subject; Manny does not speak for R A P – Official Press Release coming soon – The Republic is Back

New RAP Article
Tim Turner of Restore America Plan is now the Interim President of New Republic of United States

Executive Summary – Restore America Plan has set up an interim government. The de jeur grand juries have had to approve by a 2/3 vote the candidates for the interim government. This would include a President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and heads of various departments like Department of Education, Homeland Security, FBI, etc. There are also two senators for each state and 10 house of representative members for each state. There is also to be a new Governor for each State. Restore America Plan has completed phase one and a lawful interim government is in place. It appears highly probable that military support is securely in place. When I saw I heard Tim say this and that it is coming from internet radio shows and phone in talk shows.

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 Darryl Freck call fri night – fits in with what is going on with the restoration.

1 1/2 hours in getting to know Darryl then comes the Good Stuff

July 2 2010 – 3 hour Amazing Audio Clip Episode

World-wide light-workers call:

Listen to the Talke Shoe Conference Call
Call ID: 74743

Listen to more Talk Shoe Conference Calls

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