Liberty – Begins with Us – TPTB are Puzzled

Criminals occupy the White House.  Police are arresting the wrong people, some times.  Torturing the innocent and Worshipping the Devil has become a Sad, Sac Way of Life for too many people.

Jesse Ventura got in trouble again, trying to videotape himself at the gravesite of JFK.  What will it take before you and I have had enough.  Criminal Activities are being directed out of the Vatican.  Bank Fraud and Theft are being inflicted by members of Congress.  Each of these stories has piece of a Sad, Sad Story that reflects the current condition of America.

Dave Cleveland
July25, 2010
Subject;  Jesse Ventura at JFK's Eternal Flame – Vatican Pedophile Crimes – More BP Lies on Corexit


The Active Denial System: the weapon that's a hot topic
The US army says its new 'pain ray’ hurts but does no lasting damage. Its critics would beg to differ.

'Lose Christianity or face expulsion'

Georgia student told to read 'gay' lit, attend 'pride parade,' change beliefs

Vatican capitol dome – idolatry on steroids

ORIGINAL CAPTION: The Apotheosis of Washington in the eye of the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol was painted in the true fresco technique by Constantino Brumidi in 1865. Brumidi (1805-1880) was born and trained in Rome and had painted in the Vatican and Roman palaces before emigrating to the United States in 1852.

Censored Gulf news: People Bleeding Internally, Millions Poisoned Says 'EPA Whistleblower'

Exclusive: Jesse Ventura Talks with Alex Jones About Government Harassment of His TV Show
Chinese Central Bank Outlines Plan To Ditch The Dollar As The Yuan's Peg


Report Blasts Military For Not Being (EMP) Nuke-Proof
July 22, 2010– If, by some chance, you end up surviving the nuclear apocalypse, don’t count on the U.S. military to be around to help you rebuild. Or don’t expect all its fancy electronics and communications equipment to work, at least…
Catholic church embarrassed by gay priests revelations
Vatican on defensive again after magazine exposes priests visiting gay clubs and bars and having sex
The Guardian, Saturday 24 July 2010 –The Catholic church, already reeling from a string of clerical sex abuse scandals, is facing new embarrassment after an Italian magazine published an investigation into what it termed the double life of gay priests in Rome…A member of the clergy quoted by the magazine put the proportion of gay priests in the Italian capital at "98%". The Rome diocese insisted the vast majority of priests in the city were "models of morality for all"…

Is Oil Spill Cover for Massive Foreclosure?

Women Want Material Goods In Men Most

Geochemist – Gulf Rains Bring Down Loads Of 'Junk'
Holy Roman Empire Watch:
Germany and Israel fail to agree on submarine sale
Germany funded more than 80 percent of the cost of Israel's first three Dolphin submarines in the 1990s.
Wilhem's comments appear to confirm the end of a year of negotiations Israel had hoped would lead Berlin to grant large subsidies, as it has in previous sales. Israel would find it extremely hard to buy the vessels without German subsidies, having decided last week to trim its defense budget by 5 pct in 2011 and in 2012.

EU is not ambitious enough: the ultimate goal is one world government –July 22nd, 2010


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