Martial Law – USA Civil War by Design

Barry Soetoro has appointed 32 Communist Czars for America.  Foreign troops will be invading America.  Troops from the Great Lakes area, from Washington State, from Mexico, from the Gulf area, in to New York and such.  Over 2 million U N troops are already in America.

Thomas Gambill has been gathering the Evidence of a Civil War in America and the Invasion by Foreign Troops into America, for years. is releasing much of their plans for the country.  Most Americans are too busy to pay attentions to these details, taking place right before our eyes.  Who does Barry Soetoro work for, any way? 

Robert Hender " R J "

   Today I had the chance to interview Thomas Gambill.  He's been working hard to Warn America about the danger we are now in.  Gambill has been gathering the evidence of the Serious Threat to our country.

   Take a look for yourself. 

   Why are Police Chiefs now leaving their posts all over America? 

   Why are 2 million to 3 million U N troops already occupying our nation? 

   Why are more than 350,000 Mexican Malitia men gearing up to invade from Louisiana and Texas? 

   Why are Russian and China troops now hiding in Florida? 

   What is really behind the Gulf Oil Spill – BP lies?  What were they really up to? 

   Why have thousands and thousands of U N vehicles been parked on an Air Strip in Florida? 

   Why is Obama and other World Leaders stirring up trouble between Mexicans and Americans?  What do they stand to gain by fomenting this anger? 

   Why is Black Water training Mexican Gangs? 

   Since FDR, TPTB have wanted to create a new Civil War in America in order to make room for their N W O. 

   It now appears that invading armies could come in to America from WA, CA, LA, FL, NY, IL as well as other locations. 

   Who are the true Domestic Terrorists any way; Janet Napolitano, Barry Soetoro, Axelrod, Pelosi, Rick Perry?


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