Barry Soetoro – War Discussions? – Peace Discussions?

A secret memo from Barry Soetoro aka President Obama is making demands on Palestinian Chairman Abbas to negotiate with Israel for peace or else…  In the hands of 7 people are the keys to the World Wide Web.  These smart cards have the power to restart the internet, in case of some emergency catastrophe.

California is beginning to look like Mexico, people living without electricity, heat or indoor water.  The Great Depression is already hitting Americans in California hard.  Iran President Ahmadined expects an attack on Iran within 3 months from now, some time in September of October.  Russian leaders are now claiming that American and world sanctions against Iran are unacceptable.

Dave Cleveland
Wed July 28, 2010
Subject; Economic Collapse – 4th Reich – NWO Now

UPDATED: And the woman (Church) which thou sawest is that great city (Vatican), which reigneth over the kings (Nations) of the earth. Rev. 17:18

Iranian president Ahmadinejad expects U.S. attack 'on at least two countries in next three months'

Russia Says New EU Sanctions on Iran Unacceptable
Russia condemned new EU sanctions on Iran on Tuesday, tempering hopes of closer cooperation between Moscow and the West over Iran's nuclear program.

Gel that can help decayed teeth grow back could end fillings
A gel that can help decayed teeth grow back in just weeks may mean an end to fillings. The gel, which is being developed by scientists in France, works by prompting cells in teeth to start multiplying. They then form healthy new tooth tissue that gradually replaces what has been lost to decay.


AUDIT: US Cannot Account for $8.7B in Iraqi Funds A U.S. audit has found that the Pentagon cannot account for over 95 percent of $9.1 billion in Iraq reconstruction money,


Scientists Discover Olive Oil Directly Impacts Genes to Halt Inflammation
Research has been steadily accumulating that olive oil, a main component of the Mediterranean diet, has extensive health-protective properties.

One Third of Cancer Deaths in People and Dogs are Preventable Through Diet Changes
Here's good news for both you and your best friend: one out of three cancer deaths in humans as well as dogs can be prevented by simple, natural diet changes.

Greatest Depression in California: People Begin Living Without Electricity and Water

Possible False Flag? Japanese Say Oil Tanker Attacked Near Hormuz
Bloomberg is reporting this morning that an oil tanker owned by the Japanese company Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd., operator of the world’s second-largest oil-tanker fleet, may have been attacked near the Strait of Hormuz, a strategically important waterway between the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf bordering Iran.

Barge crashes into oil well in Gulf of Mexico, new oil leak reported

The US Coast Guard dispatched emergency teams Tuesday after a boat crashed into an oil well off the coast of New Orleans, reportedly sending crude spewing some 20 feet into the air.
Seven People Have Been Entrusted With The “Keys” To The Internet
These smart cards are the actual keys to the Internet. There are seven of them and they hold the power to restarting the world wide web “in the event of a catastrophic event.”

Why The Oath Keepers are Under Attack

Obama Warns Abbas: ‘Start Talks or Else’ July 27, 2010 | Arutz Sheva

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