Man Can’t Make the World Flat – Napolitano in SLC

The stamp act required that every document had to bear the King's image on it.  Freedom comes from our humanity.  Humanity is a gift from God.  Since we were created in the Image of God, our Liberty is a Natural outcropping of the truth of God. 

The Devil Says, " …give me your freedom and I will make you safe. "  Thomas Jefferson made a Stand for Natural Rights.  Government has 17 Powers under the Constitution.  We have the Right to be Left Alone; Privacy.  Our thoughts, words and expressions have immunity from the harassment of Government, according to the Bill of Rights.  The alien and sedition act were written out of fear of the French, many years ago.  We need to understand what our rights and liberties are.

Judge Andrew Napolitano 
Tue  July 27, 2010
Subject; Taxation is Theft – God is Sovereign – Congress Activity Not Authorized by the Constitution  – 31min Video Clip


 Government cannot tax your personal property. 
Your labor, the sweat of your brow and your intellectual service traded for compensation is all part of your personal property.  Just as much as your fingers attached to your hands are your personal property and your nose attached to your face is your personal property.  
Personal  property cannot be taxed!
Although this is what my belief has been for many years, in viewing this video of Judge Napolitano talking , this is the first time I have heard it said out loud in front of a whole bunch of people.   Millions of "taxpayers" need to watch this video.

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