Economic Collapse – 60 Days til the Fall

Lyndon Larouche has been warning us about a financial melt down that is on it's way for America.  Larouche is now warning that unless a Few Things Change Dramatically by mid to late September then the entire world's financial system will see the worst depression since the 14th Century. 

Barry Soetoro aka President Obama and TPTB have put America on a Slippery Slope for financial disaster.  The internal structure of this Financial Crisis has been studied carefully and Larouche claims that we can turn America around if Obama would step down from office and careful repairs are made to the financial system in America.  The world does not have to end, says Larouche.

Lyndon Larouche
July 29, 2010
Forecast; Crazy Obama Fire Sale – Why Barney Frank Fears Larouche – 60 Days til Financial Meltdown

 "Crazy Obama" is on

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2 Responses to “Economic Collapse – 60 Days til the Fall”

  1. Arth says:

    John Perkins & a lot of others warned the world about this fast approaching wave of financial doom but as usual nobody listened! There are not enough trees in the world to make the money reqd for the quantitative easing process to take effect. Get your retirement entitlements as soon as so “your family” suffers the least (if poss). Arth

  2. Arth says:

    Why would anybody write to you if u give their details to dhs? It really fu;.in sucks.

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