Barry Soetoro – One World Order Lies

In Mexico Troops from other countries are being noticed by the Border Guard in America.  Reports are beginning to leak through about Barry Soetoro aka President Obama and his Administration who are trying to hide the Invasion to America that has already begun.

Reports are beginning to show that more than 2-million foreign troops are already here in America.  The National Border Control Council is piecing together the evidence of Foreign Troops that are mixing with Mexican Nationals, as seen across America's Southern Border.  Why is Obama saying nothing about this?  Obama's military briefings cost Americans about $1Billion a week.

Curtis Gleich 
Thur July 29, 2010
Subject; Asian Troops Now in Mexico – Top 5 Troops Invading AmericaWhy is Obama Not Defending America?


You may have seen this already. The info here is pretty close to what you've been saying recently. Interesting how this is probably 15 yrs old and there plan of attack hasn't changed a whole lot.


The spokesman for the INS Border Patrol Union reports that Asian men and other "non-Hispanics" were observed in the area when Mexican soldiers were firing on U.S. Border Patrol Agents.  Illuminati Plans state that Chinese soldiers are to patrol from Panama Canal to just north of Los Angeles.  Are Chinese troops getting in place?

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2 Responses to “Barry Soetoro – One World Order Lies”

  1. Curiopus-003 says:

    How about providing some evidence? Get in contact with some folks living in those areas and request photos. Troops from Belgium in the mid-west (!), c’mon, some of the stuff on this site might be real, but you bring that into question by flinging sensationalist artivles about.

    • RJ says:

      We are releasing evidence all the time.

      It’s funny how many people there are out there who want to be in control, they have stuff to sell, an axe to grind.

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