Barry Soetoro – Change Americans Didn’t Count On

Americans are speaking out over the Changes to our country that they didn't see coming, as Obama was elected as President.  These Billboard Signs, in Kansas, speak for themselves. 

Since Barry Soetoro was elected as President of the United States Corporation, Americans have been getting More Changes that they did not count on.  Here are the Top 6 Changes – Listed on Billboards in Kansas…  Corruption – Debt – Taxes – Welfare – Regulation – Government – How many more changes are coming from Obama? 

Sun Aug 1, 2010
Subject; Obama's Top 6 Changes

This picture captured on the back of a Marine's jeep is priceless and definitely a "sender"!



This is so good !!!    (Gotta love those Texans)  !!!


Hwy 59 at Hwy 43 – across from Marshall High School

Sign at Hutchinson, KS, 35 miles SE of Wichita


I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. 
— Winston Churchill
 Obama's honeymoon is over !!



Would love to know the Patriot who paid for this sign!

W O W !!! 
I wonder how long this will be allowed to stand?


Sign POSTED on Hwy 61, Hutchinson, Kansas.



E-mail and pass this around keep it going let the country know that we can’t afford Obama or his CHANGE!!!

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That is "one" of the few rights we still have left.





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