BP Methane Bubble Trouble – New Disaster in the Gulf

The real disaster in the Gulf of Mexico hasn't really happened yet.  Check this Video Clip out.  Watch the ocean floor, carefully and it will blow you away.  BP knows this is going on, on the ocean floor.

Is it the job of Barry Soetoro aka President Obama to protect Americans?  Why has BP been silent about this methane hazard that is growing in the Gulf of Mexico?  Take a look at this clip, for yourself.  The ocean floor in the Gulf is rising.  What would it take to ignite and explode this gas?  What kind of damage could occur by this kind of explosion, on the ocean floor in the Gulf area?

John DiNardo 
Subject: New Video: GulfMex SeaFloor Bursting
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2010   

   This Video was recorded early on the morning of August 2nd, 2010.  It appears that the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico is rising and dropping on demand, by BP equipment. 

   What would it take to ignite this methane gas?

   How much of the ocean floor in the Gulf would be impacted if this ocean floor exploded?  Would an explosion of this methane in the Gulf Carpet, be a wimper or would it be Catastrophic? 

   John Dinardo and Steven Quayle and John Moore claim that an explosion of this Gulf Ocean Floor methane gas could disrupt the whole Gulf of Mexico and it could cause a tsunami that could kill or injure many people who are now living in the Gulf area. 

YouTube Preview Image
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3 Responses to “BP Methane Bubble Trouble – New Disaster in the Gulf”

  1. Wolf Hunter says:

    A rare earthquake in Louisianna yesterday and a sinkhole that kills 6 in a river in Louisianna……somethin’s up

    • RJ says:

      A Mega Quake may be coming for California and the whole West Coast some time in September.

      It is time that we get our Stuff( lives ) in Order.

      You could not pay me to live in California.

  2. totalskeptic says:

    The camera is stationary on the R.O.B….the ocean floor isn’t rising, (highly unlikely that it would do that in that case anyway) the robot is leaning forward.

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